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Heidi Klum stuns in diamond lingerie set with biggest wings

Heidi Klum smiles at the camera with a direct gaze.
Heidi Klum stuns in diamond lingerie set with giant wings in throwback photo. Pic credit: © Sadou/AdMedia

Heidi Klum looked gorgeous in a diamond lingerie set with enormous wings, featured in a throwback picture in which she was four months pregnant.

The 49-year-old model posted the photograph to Instagram on Tuesday to acknowledge her daughter’s big move to college.

The first German model to become a Victoria’s Secret Angel rocked a diamond studded lingerie set in the throwback photo. The diamonds reflected the light from the room, creating an even more magnificent and angelic allusion in her runway look.

The diamond lingerie set perfectly matched the ankle bands, which were cleverly placed above the red stiletto heals, in a lovely synchronicity. The heels provided a fantastic pop of color, as well as elongated her toned and seemingly never-ending legs.

Heidi wore her hair loose, so the long, wavy locks could cascade over her shoulders and down her back. Her bright, bleach blonde hair nicely complemented some of the gold embellishments on the wings behind her.

Which leads the eye to the main event and showstopper… the divine and grandiose wings. The feathered wings were larger than life and towered high above Heidi, at nearly twice her height.

The wings attached to Heidi’s back and featured enchanting beads and embellishments that adorned the wings in a mesmerizing pattern. She shined bright in this completely captivating look.

Heidi Klum’s daughter moves away for college

In the caption to Heidi’s recent Instagram post, the talented model details how it was time for her daughter’s “big move to head off to college.”

In the caption, Heidi encourages her daughter, Leni Olumi Klum, to spread her wings and fly, in reference to the giant-winged photo.

Heidi also details that she was 4-months pregnant with her daughter at the time of the enormous-winged photograph. Heidi says, “I wish I could always have you that close.”

Ultimately, Heidi writes that it’s time for her daughter to “take flight, be safe and shine bright.”

Heidi Klum jokes about her age-gap marriage

When asked about how the 49-year-old model maintains her youthful appearance, Klum joked in reference to her younger husband, “I suck his young blood, is what I’m doing. Like a vampire.”

Heidi married German guitarist Tom Kaulitz, who is 17 years younger than the beautiful model, in 2019.

Their relationship is still going strong and Heidi reportedly told E! News, “I just feel like, ‘Finally, I found the one.’ So far so good. I hope it stays that way,” she said.

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