Heidi Klum shares throwback as Fiona from Shrek for Halloween

Heidi Klum arrives at America's Got Talent Season 17 red carpet kick-off
In the spirit of Halloween, Heidi Klum shared a throwback photo of her dressed as Fiona from Shrek. Pic credit: © Collin/Image Press Agency

Heidi Klum was looking a little green in a throwback photo she posted just in time for the upcoming Halloween season.

The 49-year-old model and businesswoman was nearly unrecognizable in a throwback photo that saw her dressed as Fiona from Shrek for Halloween. The stunning costume was just one of many Klum has donned over the years.

For 22 years now, Klum has been hosting an annual Halloween Party blowout. The Shrek costume was the one she wore for her 2018 party.

In the throwback photo, Klum posed in front of the banner at her Halloween party. Her intricate costume as Fiona was achieved through numerous prosthetic pieces.

She looked exactly like Fiona underneath a mask of the character’s face. She wore giant green hands and feet, Fiona’s signature velvety green dress, ogre ears, and a tiara.

Additionally, she even styled her hair into Fiona’s auburn locks.

Heidi Klum proved she’s the Queen of Halloween

Klum’s stunning transformation into Fiona was just another reminder that she is truly the Queen of Halloween. She never fails to go all out every year with her complex costumes and a huge party.

Heidi Klum poses as Fiona from Shrek at her Halloween party in a throwback photo posted to her Instagram Story
Pic credit: @heidiklum/Instagram

In just a few days, Klum will throw her 2022 Halloween party. She took to Instagram a few days ago to tease her Halloween costume.

She posted a video of some of her extravagant costumes over the years and teased in the caption that, in just a week, she would unveil her newest costume.

She didn’t earn the title Queen of Halloween for no reason. Fiona is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the out-of-this-world costumes she has debuted over the decades.

Klum posted a second video reviewing some of her best costumes over the years. Her costumes have included a grotesque alien, a vibrant butterfly, an elderly woman, and a scary zombie.

This year’s costume is still a mystery, but it will likely be just as grand and creative as her past costumes.

Klum and her daughter advertised for Intimissimi

Klum’s Halloween throwback came just a few weeks after she and her daughter, Leni Klum, partook in a photoshoot for Intimissimi. The two were all smiles throughout the intimate shoot in which they donned Intimissimi’s lingerie.

Klum shared a behind-the-scenes video of her and Leni’s collaboration with Intimissimi. The two looked stunning as they struck several poses and were directed by the photographers.

She also shared the final product, which saw her and Leni lip-syncing to opera music while wearing Intimissimi. Klum stated in her caption that the collaboration was a celebration of women and the love between a mother and daughter.

Leni spoke to Business Insider about the photoshoot, describing it as a “fun” experience.

She explained, “My mom and I are just completely comfortable around each other and we were dancing around the whole day. That was what we had to do, and we do that anyway, so it just fit right.”

Whether it is Intimissimi photoshoots or extravagant Halloween costumes, Klum always manages to make a splash with her appearance.

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