Heidi Klum shares sensational bikini throwback

Heidi Klum.
America’s Got Talent judge Heidi Klum shared a throwback to her younger, runway model days in a recent social media share. Pic credit: ©

Supermodel Heidi Klum recently took a walk down memory lane with a social media throwback to her younger days on the runway.

The 49-year-old beauty has been dazzling fans for years, and her most recent throwback shows how far she’s come and how gracefully she’s aged.

Heidi began her professional modeling career in the early ’90s and was the first German model to join Victoria’s Secret as one of their angels.

During her time as an angel, Heidi donned several stunning lingerie looks.

This included her most recent throwback, where she took her fans back to 1999 when she received the honor of wearing Victoria’s Secret’s “millennium bra” and matching bottoms.

The gorgeous ensemble was a shimmering step into the new millennium, and Heidi took it to a whole new level.

Heidi Klum stuns in Victoria’s Secret bikini throwback

Taking to her Instagram Stories, Heidi shared the throwback and opted to go without a caption.

The choice completely made sense, considering that the image alone sent temperatures rising.

Standing at the end of the runway and striking her best model pose, Heidi shared a fierce gaze with the camera as her dark blonde locks were blown away from her face.

Screenshot from Heidi Klum's IG Stories.
Pic credit: @heidiklum/Instagram

The bedazzled bikini was covered in jewels of various sizes and several star-shaped gems throughout the bust and along the seam at the hips.

The bra straps gleamed under the lights with the year “2000” lined up vertically towards the cups of the garment.

Heidi’s slender frame perfectly complemented the matching set, allowing all the sparkle to dance across her bronzed skin.

Heidi’s makeup and manicure were also kept to a minimum. The pale pink shade of her nails prevented them from distracting attention away from the tiny bikini.

Heidi talks consistency with working out, ‘nothing comes from nothing’

Heidi may have been blessed with great genes, but the mom of four also puts in the work to ensure her body is in tip-top shape.

Back in July 2022, Heidi gave her followers a rare glimpse into her exercise world as she sported a bright white matching sports bra and leggings look.

Though the clip was kept short, Heidi was clearly ready to get herself to work.

“Nothing comes from nothing,” her German caption read.

In a previous interview with Glamour, Heidi revealed how she’s able to sustain her wellness plan — including how she stays in shape even during the winter.

“My favorite workout is a long run along the Westside Highway,” she shared with the outlet, noting she also loved knowing there would be a Starbucks coffee order along the way.

At the time, Heidi also shared that working out with a friend was most helpful since they can help “keep you motivated and get you out of bed.”

Of course, with her busy schedule, Heidi also has to fit in some exercise wherever possible.

“It’s impossible to have a set fitness routine,” she admitted. Instead, Heidi tries to fit exercise into her schedule by whatever means necessary, including some situps in her hotel room.

While it may seem like a ton of work to maintain, Heidi has clearly prioritized her health and fitness, and it is continuously paying off.

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