Heidi Klum munches on cake in her undies to celebrate hitting huge milestone

Heidi Klum stuns on the red carpet.
Heidi Klum looked hot as she chowed down on cake while clad in lingerie. Pic credit: © Press Agency

Heidi Klum appeared to be having a great time as she slipped into some risque wear and had a snack.

The former Victoria’s Secret supermodel and America’s Got Talent judge, who shares the illustrious title alongside pal Sofia Vergara, celebrated hitting an impressive 10 million followers online, doing so in a truly Heidi way.

Seen in a short video clip, the slim blonde first gave a close-up of a colorfully-decorated cake with pink, yellow, and purple icing roses encircling piped lettering that said “10 MILLION.”

The pastry sat on top of bare legs that were at first unidentifiable until the camera panned out to show Heidi as the owner of the appendages, also giving a glimpse of her silken, red bedroom attire.

Going for a relaxed but sultry vibe, Heidi reminded fans that she’s still got it at nearly 50 years of age as she let her flat abs and slender figure be seen in a near-total eye-shot.

A quick cut next showed Heidi happily digging into the cake as it continued to rest on her lap, with the mom of four grabbing a fork and going unabashedly for a big bite towards the inside of the floral ring.

Heidi Klum in lingerie eats cake, licks fingers

With a fully-matching lingerie ensemble, Heidi looked as svelte and stunning as ever as she leaned back in her plush bed, making exaggerated chewing motions with her mouth while continuing to get more forkfuls.

A lace-fringed bra adorned her upper half, letting lots of midriff to show through, and while the model presumably wore underwear the garment was not visible underneath the giant cake’s base.

“10 Million Thank you !!!!!!! This Cake is for you, but i will eat it ❤️🥰🎉🥳⭐️,” Heidi playfully captioned the post.

Heidi kept up her impressive indulging moves as she relentlessly attacked the treat in front of her, allowing the camera to tape her on her cake quest as she somehow made face-stuffing look sexy.

By the end of the fun clip, Heidi had devoured nearly the entirety of the frosted top, leaving behind just some destroyed roses and a messy, crumbled, and exposed confection in its place.

Heidi added extra flirtation to the visual by wiping fallen crumbs from inside her bust and giving a few finger-licking pauses.

Heidi Klum sizzles in plunging swimwear while lying in bed

While Heidi’s newest post was a dazzler, the model has been known to show a little skin in the past to remind fans just how long she has been dominating runways and magazines all over the world.

In mid-July, Heidi threw it back to her younger days, sizzling as she lay on her side with her head propped in her cupped hand.

Wearing a gorgeous one-piece swimsuit with fun cut-outs making a zig-zag over her middle, Heidi looked au-natural in minimal-to-no makeup while giving a fierce stare at the lens.

The swimwear hugged her body for a flattering look as Heidi let her blonde hair hang down and pouted her lower lip out just a tad for extra appeal.

Heidi currently lives in Bel Air, California, with her Tokio Hotel guitarist husband, Tom Kaulitz.

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