Heidi Klum is a goddess for a stunning hair transformation

Heidi Klum close up
Heidi Klum stunned in a transformation video. Pic credit: ©

Heidi Klum was stunning as she transformed from baggy gray sweats into a mesmerizing look.

Sweatpants and glamor don’t typically match, but who doesn’t love someone that can do both? Heidi looked amazing in the gray sweatshirt, and her hair and makeup were beautiful as always.

But Heidi stuck the palm of her hand into the camera, and when she lifted it away, she was drop-dead gorgeous. The biggest change was her hair, which was in voluminous curls that spiraled around her face and down her shoulders in a perfect cascade.

The German-American model’s makeup was already perfect and stayed nearly the same. She donned defining contour, shimmery eyeshadow, long lashes, and pink lips.

Heidi changed into a colorful cut-out dress that hugged her figure and accentuated her model body. It featured gold-chain halter straps and the perfect amount of glam.

The former Victoria’s Secret Angel sent absolute goddess vibes through the camera in both outfits, and it’s clear she can pull off any look she wants to.

Heidi Klum poses with Terry Crews

In another gorgeous look, Heidi was a denim beauty as she posed beside actor Terry Crews.

The cover girl donned a cute denim dress with straps in an overalls fashion and gold buttons up the front of the fit. It highlighted her figure and brought out her radiant complexion.

Her bright blonde hair flowed over her shoulders, her makeup was perfectly pretty, and her nails were long with a bold red color. She accessorized her look with gold earrings, a bracelet, and a couple of rings.

Terry also looked fantastic, as he sported a shiny purple dress shirt under a silver suit that nicely complemented his physique. Both stars grinned happily with one arm wrapped around the other.

Heidi wrote in her caption, “What a great Show !!!!!!! Love you @terrycrews ?❤️.”

Heidi Klum appeared on The Jennifer Hudson Show

Heidi’s extreme success as a model, television host, and more have made her a great guest to have on talk shows. Not only does she have the background for these shows, but she has an absolutely winning personality.

The superstar was a guest on The Jennifer Hudson Show, and the lively interview between the two of them looked to be phenomenal and entertaining.

For a section of the talk show, yes or no questions were displayed behind the two stars that Heidi would answer.

One clip of the episode showed Heidi answering yes to if she would ever teach Jennifer Hudson how to yodel. This ended in a hilarious (and impressive) effort from the two as they belted out their best yodeling yet.

Heidi included in her caption, “@iamjhud you’re doing amazing.”

Heidi Klum shares her workout secrets

Heidi isn’t a top model for nothing, as she regularly works on her fitness through exercise. Lucky for the world, she shared some of her workout habits with Us Weekly.

Heidi admitted that she doesn’t devote a huge amount of time to exercise, but she makes sure she does it regularly. “I don’t think you have to do a lot, but if you do a little bit [regularly], I think that’s important,” she explained.

Some of her favorite types of cardio include hiking, trampolining, and even tennis. But her absolute favorite is to go for runs.

She also says that it’s always more fun if she brings a buddy. “They keep you motivated and get you out of bed,” she shared.

As a 49-year-old beauty that looks much younger, her advice is much appreciated!

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