Heidi Klum, 48, dances suggestively on Snoop Dogg in a few skimpy outfits in Chai Tea with Heidi video

Heidi Klum and Snoop Dogg in new music video
Heidi Klum and Snoop Dogg’s latest song Chai Tea with Heidi has just released its music video. Pic credit: WeddingCake/YouTube

Model Heidi Klum, rapper Snoop Dogg, and DJ duo WeddingCake have just released the music video for their latest song collaboration and it may just be the hottest thing since chai tea.

The upbeat bop, titled Chai Tea with Heidi, features Snoop Dogg rapping the verses and Heidi showing off her pipes on the song’s chorus. Although Heidi is most notably known as a German/American model and television host, she stuck her toes into the music industry and released the debut single earlier this year.

The sexy music video, shot entirely in black and white, features Heidi mostly in lingerie-type clothing and tight dresses, primarily walking freely on the beach and showing off her supermodel figure.

Heidi Klum dances alongside Snoop Dogg and contestants on Germany’s Next Top Model

The video also showcases models from Germany’s Next Top Model dancing next to Heidi both on a beach and in a studio. The video switches back and forth between her dancing alongside her “girls” and Snoop – where she dances suggestively in front of him as they sing into the camera.

If you were wondering who the summer’s hottest “it” pair might be, look no further than Heidi and her dancing companion Snoop.

Watch their new music video below:

Heidi said it was a ‘dream’ to collab with Snoop Dogg

In a recent interview on The Ellen Show, Heidi talked about how singing with Snoop Dogg was on the top of her bucket list.

“It was always a dream of mine to sing with Snoop Dogg. I don’t know, do you guys all have a bucket list? This, for me, was bucket list number one, and there was really nothing after that,” Heidi said.

She also explained how her “if you want something, just ask for it” mentality was what led her to the collaboration.

“I was always the biggest fan of Snoop so I just thought, ‘If you don’t put it out there and you don’t ask, how is he supposed to know?’ So I just called him up and I told him that and he said, ‘Let’s make it happen come to Inglewood,'” Heidi said.

“So I go to his studio and then we made the song together,” she continued, “And it’s the most craziest thing for me because this is like dream of all dreams for me to do this song with Snoop Dogg.”

Heidi has surely become known to “serve” – whether she’s serving up supermodel shots, pop vocals, or even a hot, spiced beverage. Fans of the model-turned-singer will have to wait and see if Heidi will drop more music in the near future – with or without her bucket list-topping collaborator Snoop Dogg.

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