Harry warned about ‘tell-all’ book plans: Archie ‘could have issues’ in the future

Prince Harry
Prince Harry has been warned that his Megxit actions could backfire in the future and that his son Archie “could have issues.” Pic credit: ©

A royal expert has warned Prince Harry that “life is a circle” and that his attacks against the Royal Family and “tell-all” memoir plans could backfire against him because Archie “could have issues.”

Royal expert Marlene Koenig told Express that Harry “needs to talk to his father” instead of publicly questioning his parenting skills and writing books exposing Royal Family secrets. She argued that Harry should carefully consider his actions because his son could also “react years later.”

“While I think Meghan Markle and Harry need to do what they want to do, both sides need to communicate,” Koenig said. “If this is how he’s communicating, by writing a book, he’s missing the context that he needs to talk to his father.”

“Because life is a circle – he could have the same thing happen to him,” she continued. “He talks about being a good father, we don’t know how his son will react years later, he could have issues.”

Harry said Charles passed on ‘genetic pain and suffering’ to his children

Harry criticized his father Prince Charles while chatting with Dax Shepard and Monica Padman on the Armchair Expert podcast.

Harry suggested that Charles’ parents mistreated him when he was growing up, and he passed on the “genetic pain and suffering” to his children.

The Duke of Sussex added that his responsibility as a parent was to break the cycle by not passing on the “pain and suffering” to the next generation.

Harry also criticized Charles on his Apple TV+ series, The Me You Can’t See. He claimed Charles made him and William suffer as children.

He said Charles made them suffer because he knew “no better because of the way he was brought up.” He added that Charles justified mistreating him and William by saying “it was like that for me, so it’s going to be like that for you.”

Charles wants to reconcile with Harry

Following Harry’s criticism of Prince Charles’ parenting, a royal said Charles wanted to hold talks with Harry because he wants “his son by his side.”

The source added that although Charles “tried his absolute best,” he was aware of his shortcomings as a father and wanted to make Harry feel included again.

“The Prince of Wales knows he didn’t always succeed as a father, but he tried his absolute best,” the source said. “Harry has been hurting since he was a little boy. It’s not an easy situation, but Prince Charles would much rather his son be by his side.”

Harry reportedly wrote a letter to Charles apologizing for Oprah interview

Harry reportedly wrote a letter to Charles in which he explained and apologized for the accusations and allegations that he and Meghan made against the Royal Family during their interview with Oprah.

Royal expert Emily Andrews claimed that Harry wrote the letter to Charles before he returned to the U.K. to attend Prince Philips’s burial.

The royal expert told Channel 5 documentary Charles & Harry: Father and Son Divided, that Harry “wrote Charles a letter, I think partly apologizing for Oprah.”

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2 years ago

In 20 years or so, Archie will be screaming “because of you and Mum I am no longer part of the Royal Family, I hate you, I hate you I hate you” !!!

2 years ago

And Charles might had some issues with his dad like most of us at least Charles respected prince Philip.