Harry Goularte: Why Cain Velasquez now faces attempted murder charges

Cain Velasquez Harry Goularte
Cain Velasquez is facing an attempted murder charge in relation to Harry Goularte. Pic credit: San Jose Police Department

Harry Goularte, a 43-year-old man facing charges of repeatedly molesting a minor, has been revealed as the alleged target of former two-time UFC Heavyweight Champion Velasquez in an attack that has left the fighter facing an attempted murder charge.

Goularte, from Morgan Hill, California, is accused of a felony count of carrying out a lewd and lascivious act with a child under the age of 14 — claimed to be a close relative of Velasquez’s.

According to the Santa Clara County Attorney’s office, Goularte was traveling in a vehicle with two of his family members when Valasquez allegedly opened fire, hitting Goularte’s stepfather with a bullet.

Goularte was allowed to go free from court despite the allegations against him

Goularte was arraigned in a Santa Clara County court on February 25, with his mugshot taken before being given supervised release. Prosecutors in the case objected to his being let out, according to the prosecutor’s office.

TMZ reports that the release is what allegedly angered Velasquez.

The prosecutor’s office said that the terms of Goularte’s release included house arrest, remaining 100 yards away from any child under the age of 14, as well as wearing an electronic monitoring device. At the time of the shooting, Goularte was reportedly en route to pick up the device.

It was Goularte’s stepfather, not Goularte, who was wounded in the shooting

A press release from the prosecutor’s office goes on to say that investigators in the alleged Velasquez shooting believe the MMA star opened fire on a car carrying Goularte, his stepfather, and an unidentified woman. It was Goularte’s stepfather, not the suspect, who was wounded in the incident. The stepfather is being treated at a local hospital for non-life-threatening injuries.

A week before the shooting, Velasquez’s relative reported being molested by a man at a home daycare in San Martin, California, according to the prosecutor’s office. Morgan Hill, where the shooting took place, is four miles northwest of San Martin.

The daycare in question is run by Goularte’s mother. Multiple reports claim that Goularte lives at the home where the daycare is run.

Velasquez is accused of chasing Goularte for 11 miles

Cain Velasquez wife Michelle
Cain Velasquez pictured with his wife, Michelle, in 2014. Pic credit: @mrsmichellev/Instagram

According to the prosecutor’s office, the shooting occurred after Velasquez allegedly chased the car carrying Goularte, a Chevrolet Silverado truck driven by Goularte’s stepfather, for 11 miles while ramming it and letting off shots. The female passenger is said to have called the police as the chase took place along a “busy street,” authorities said.

Districy Attorney Jeff Rosen said of the incident, “The sad tragedy is that Mr. Velasquez chose to take the law into his own hands, endangering the public and everyone in the truck. This act of violence also causes more pain and suffering to his family.”

The gun claimed to have been used in the shooting was reportedly a .40 legally registered firearm.

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2 years ago

Free Him! Velazquez is a hero!

Allison Young
Allison Young
1 year ago
Reply to  thewebtw

It was done totally out of love and fear for his family member. Instantly!

2 years ago

So the state didn’t endanger anybody when they decided to let him go home? Also they did not take into account the pain and anger the parents might feel and how this clouds your judgement, so I feel there is guilt on the part of the judge in this case.