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Harley Quinn Smith stuns in plunging patent leather dress

Harley Quinn Smith face
Harley Quinn Smith sizzles in a shiny black dress that shows off just a bit of skin. Pic credit: @harleyquinnsmith/Instagram

Harley Quinn Smith is a star in her own right but yes, she is the daughter of the legendary Kevin Smith. And she is named after the iconic comic book character turned live-action anti-hero played by Margot Robbie on the big screen.

She’s also absolutely stunning and those who keep tabs on Harley Quinn know all about the gorgeous photos she regularly shares with fans.

The latest picture that has Harley Quinn’s 315,000 Instagram followers going gaga features the star-in-the-making turning up the heat in a patent leather dress that gave viewers a peek of abs.

In the first photo in the set, Harley Quinn gave the camera a sultry look. Her makeup was done to precision, with smudged eyeliner and smokey eyelids. Her eyebrows were brushed up for a laminated look.

The Cruel Summer actress wore her hair in a chin-length bob that was swept to one side and accented the outfit with a chunky chain necklace and large hoop earrings.

In the second photo of the set, Harley Quinn stood back from the camera, giving a full view of the mid-calf length dress and her hourglass curves. With arms down at her side, Harley Quinn looked directly at the camera and captioned the photo, “the other night.”

Harley Quinn Smith is a vegan and animal rights advocate

Harley Quinn Smith is a stunning woman but it should surprise no one that she gets hate on the internet like every budding star. However, the Clerks II actress isn’t quiet about it and she is quick to call out a hater when they come out of pocket.

An example of this came in April when Harley Quinn took to Instagram to address a comment about her body, and one that was not just cruel but also out of line.

She blocked the initial poster before addressing the insult, which happened to be a question about her veganism and why she wasn’t thin.

She captioned her text photo response by saying, “just some late night thoughts that are pretty all over the place 🤷‍♀️ I turned off the comments because to be completely honest I want to sleep and not stay up all night looking at them lol.”

Then, Kevin Smith‘s daughter took the time to explain that there isn’t one vegan body type. She went into detail about the horrors of body-shaming others and how important it is to love yourself and your body. She also talked about how hard it is for her to do just that.

The nasty comment came after she shared this gorgeous set of swimsuit photos, taken by her boyfriend during a day at the beach. In them, she looks really happy and seems to be enjoying herself before a stranger on the internet took aim and tried to tear her down.

Kevin Smith talks about the time his daughter met Margot Robbie

Given her namesake, it was a big deal for Harley Quinn Smith when the Suicide Squad movie came out in 2016. She really wanted to meet Margot Robbie, who played the live-action Harley Quinn in it.

Being that her dad is a megastar himself, he wasn’t too keen on just walking up to Margot and introducing his daughter but given her persistence, that’s what ended up happening.

He told the story of how Harley Quinn met Margot Robbie and it turned out that it was one of those celebrity encounters that she will cherish forever.

“Margot Robbie was so nice,” Kevin said while appearing on The Ankler Hot Seat Podcast. “My kid was young when Suicide Squad came out and stuff and we went to the premiere, and the kid was like all about Margot Robbie… and I was like, ‘Well, you know, if we see her at the premiere, like you could say hi,’ and she’s like,’ You have to introduce me.’ I was like, ‘I don’t do that s**t. You could say hi, I don’t f**king bug famous people and s**t.’ And she was like, ‘No, you have to.'”

Kevin continued with his story, “And so when we were there, like I, I saw somebody’s publicist, somebody’s f**king whatever. F**k. Who was like taking care of us, ‘Kevin, this way into the VIP.’ I was like, ‘Hey man, like I hate to be pain in the a**. But if Margot ever shows up, like my kid is a massive f**king Harley Quinn fan.”

“And so she showed up, and eventually that person like brought — f**king beelined over to me — and said, ‘Come on, bring Harley,’ and went over. And Margot met Harley and was like, ‘Oh my God, they tell me you’re Harley Quinn. I’m Harley Quinn too!’ And blah, blah, blah. And had this cute conversation.”