Hannah Guy poses in bikini for shower in nature

Hannah Guy poses for a selfie in a sun hat
Hannah Guy stunned in a skimpy bikini for an outdoor shower. Pic credit: @hannahguymma/Instagram

Hannah Guy was glistening and dazzling in a skimpy bikini as she enjoyed an outdoor shower.

The 27-year-old MMA fighter donned a mismatched bikini to shower in. Her royal blue, plunging bikini top resembled a sports bra and was unbuttoned at the top.

Guy paired her top with a pair of bikini bottoms with a floral pattern on them.

The photo was snapped in Costa Rica, where Guy attended the annual Dream Nogi Camp. The Camp hosts seminars and training sessions for MMA professionals like Guy.

Guy captured a bit of Costa Rica’s tropical beauty as she showered outdoors with an array of palm trees behind her.

She looked to be soaking in the refreshing water and the outdoor beauty as she posed beneath the shower spout with her hands behind her head.

Hannah Guy donned bikini for outdoor shower

Guy showed off her muscular physique as she enjoyed the tropical outdoor shower in Costa Rica.

Hannah Guy poses in a bikini for an outdoor shower on her Instagram Story
Pic credit: @hannahguymma/Instagram

Guy’s outdoor shower is just the latest update on her Costa Rica adventure. She has been documenting her trip for a week now, capturing both her training at Dream Camp Nogi and her leisure time in the country.

She kicked her adventure off with a bit of surfing. Guy posed on the beach with a blue and green surfboard, donning a bikini bottom and white t-shirt for the activity.

Her activities got a bit more daring as she posted a video of her jumping from a waterfall in Costa Rica.

Of course, she is also getting some work done in Costa Rica, too, as she posted an impressive video of her sparring with another camper.

Guy has practiced while also enjoying all that Costa Rica has to offer.

Guy headed to Costa Rica after championship

Guy’s trip to Costa Rica came just shortly after she participated in the Invicta Fighting Championship 49. Invicta is a world championship All Pro Women’s MMA fight series.

Guy was pitted against fellow Pro MMA fighter, Kaytlin Neil, for the fight.

Unfortunately, Guy lost to Neil during that fight. However, she took the loss with grace and poise as she discussed it on social media later.

Guy explained that she had felt ready for the fight, but wasn’t able to “adapt as quickly” to the fight as needed. In addition to this, Neil put up quite an impressive fight.

Guy complimented Neil for a good fight and promised her followers that she was going to use her loss to get better and learn from her mistakes.

Fortunately, she got to head to Costa Rica shortly after the fight to continue practicing while also enjoying the various perks of camp.

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