Halsey stuns in black bodysuit and Chanel inspired jacket

Halsey selfie up close
Halsey looks incredible in an array of outfits including a skintight bodysuit and a colorful jacket. Pic credit: @imhalsey/Instagram

American singer and songwriter Halsey has changed her style so much these last couple of years.

The artist is always looking for a way of reinventing herself and her music and style.

She has been seen with really short hair, long pink waves, and even blonde flowing locks, and her makeup also always reflects what kind of era she is going through.

The Without Me singer recently shared a couple of pictures showing her versatility when it comes to fashion.

She first posed wearing a simple black t-shirt paired with a pair of super relaxed baggy military green denim jeans and a thick leather belt with silver details.

She accessorized by only wearing a cap similar to the color of her jeans and a knee-high pair of black boots.

Halsey wows in military-inspired outfit

In another photo, she went for a more sophisticated look. Halsey wore a skintight black bodysuit that made her legs look incredibly long and adjusted to her body perfectly.

However, she decided to add a pop of color by wearing a Chanel-inspired colorful jacket on top and a silver chain with the brand’s logo around her waist as a belt.

Her hair is now dark and short, so her earrings stood out even more. Her makeup remained very natural as she posed for the camera in this look.

Halsey has over 30 million followers on her Instagram account, which is where she always shares snaps of her outfits like the one she included at the very last of this post.

Halsey talks about fashion while performing

The 28-year-old singer has been touring a lot lately, and she is always looking for something new to do when it comes to fashion and makeup.

She sat down to talk to Coveteur magazine about her life and the power she has found in reinventing herself and her style. The singer said that on this tour, she has been taking a very different and more sustainable approach, opting to wear clothes that have been thrifted or bought secondhand rather than going for custom pieces.

She also touched on the fact that while men and more masculine artists have the luxury of just wearing one outfit the whole show, while women and female-presenting artists often change multiple times, but she likes to remain comfortable while performing.

However, award shows are a different story. The songwriter said, “I find I really struggle sometimes with awards shows because you’re restricted on the stage and there’s an expectation to do a more grandiose look. […] I find myself having to make really difficult decisions because sometimes what’s the most glamorous isn’t always the most conducive to a good performance.”

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