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Halsey shares an obscene message with their underwear

Halsey gets sultry to promote her makeup line being sold by Ulta. Pic credit: @iamhalsey/Instagram

New Americana singer Halsey has been working on their makeup line, about-face, for a little over a year now and took to social media to celebrate a big milestone.

The clean, cruelty-free, and vegan line is being sold by the retailer Ulta as of Tuesday this week, which is cause for celebration as it promotes the sale and makes the products even more accessible.

Halsey shared some sultry shots to their Instagram page to celebrate “the wild fact” that their makeup line would be available on Ulta’s website and shared a special message across the back of their underwear.

Halsey tugs down pants for their makeup line

The set of six photos opens with a shot of Halsey crouching down on the floor. Viewers see them from a side profile as they look toward the camera. Their lips are graced with a red, glossy look, and there’s dark eyeliner around their eyes.

The outfit is a set of cowboy boots, a netted black bra, and bright red bikini bottoms. Going to the next image, fans see the look from behind as Halsey appears on their knees, and fans can read a stark message across the back of the bottoms: “F**k off.”

The remaining images feature a sultry snap of Halsey with their lips around a large banana with a lipstick stain on the yellow fruit. The last two show the star in a white bralette and beige pants that are below the waist, showing off a pair of black undies. The final image shows Halsey pulling the pants down, giving fans a cheeky glimpse at their behind.

The caption reads, “Celebrating the wild fact that @aboutfacebeauty is available on @ultabeauty starting tomorrow!!!!!!! We hit stores this summer! This is so wild to me I’ve been shopping at Ulta since I was in high school I feel like I’m dreaming.”

Halsey talks being their own makeup artist

In an interview with Byrdie, Halsey shared a touching message regarding their relationship with makeup. They revealed, “I was on tour, and I had just gone through a really ugly and public breakup. I was crying and crying and crying. I was really embarrassed to have to go onstage and be sexy, and cool, and empowering, knowing that every single person in the audience had probably just read some gossip tabloid about me.”

Through their tears, they began applying their makeup to prepare for their performance. “I just f***in’ took a big breath and just looked at myself and got ready—like I was going to war. And by the time I had my makeup on, I wasn’t crying anymore.”

Halsey also confirmed that they were an art student before becoming a musician and still enjoy painting. Applying makeup is another way to appreciate and embrace art and color.

They first began doing their own makeup for performances and even red carpet events because there wasn’t a budget for makeup, so they learned to apply it and style it on their own.

Now, Halsey is a renowned musical artist with their own makeup line, channeling their own look everywhere they go and offering others the chance to use the same products.

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