Halsey rocks crop top to show artistic ability

halsey crop top
Halsey is gorgeous as the singer goes into selfie mode and shows off their art skills. Pic credit: © Collin/Image Press Agency

Halsey’s artistic abilities go beyond just songwriting, and the singer showed that in a brand new social media post.

The singer went into selfie mode for a series of pictures shared with their 30.7 million Instagram followers.

The images show Halsey’s artwork, fashion, beauty, and child.

The Now or Never singer has consistently demonstrated artistic skills in demonstrations for their makeup line, About Face. Therefore, hardcore Halsey fans were likely unsurprised to see how Halsey’s skills translated to artwork.

Nonetheless, Halsey’s post was well-received, earning 470k likes and counting.

Halsey started the IG carousel strong with a selfie in their studio.

Halsey stuns for artistic reveal

The first picture showed Halsey’s natural beauty even when the singer made a funny face. They placed one hand atop their head and held their camera in the other. Halsey closed one eye and stuck out their tongue as they arched their back and stood in front of a mirror. Halsey’s room was a bit of a mess, as the mirror revealed.

There were racks filled with clothing and piles on the ground, and the space looked like a true artist’s headquarters.

Halsey donned a black sleeveless crop top with a layered and beaded necklace and matching earrings.

The second shot showed a sensual picture with two bodies and one head scribbled out in blue. Another photo showed Halsey’s tools to create their art, including paint, paintbrushes, and a canvas.

A swipe right highlighted Halsey’s attractiveness as the singer took another selfie. Halsey’s beauty shined through with glossy lips, curled lashes, and a natural glow.

The second to last shot showed Halsey’s child in a beautiful home, standing on an area rug and playing with a toy.

Finally, Halsey posed outside at a picnic table, once again revealing their natural beauty.

Halsey’s About Face Beauty

Like Ariana Grande’s r.e.m beauty and Gwen Stefani’s GXVE Beauty, Halsey has a makeup line with the singer’s signature look.

Halsey has long been known for brightly-colored eyeliners and pigmented eyeshadows, and the singer’s makeup line, About Face Beauty, offers those items.

Halsey told Byrdie about their eyeshadows, “They’re one of the first things that I initially designed for the launch because I love super-pigmented eye shadows.”

The singer recommended their Shadowsticks and Matte Fluid Eye Paints for a pop of color on the eyes.

As is true with many new celebrity makeup lines, About Face is vegan and cruelty-free.

About Face products are available at Ulta or on the About Face website.

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