Halsey reflects on 2022 with highlight reel of biggest moments

halsey bikini
Halsey is reflecting on 2022 with a highlight reel of her biggest moments, including a stunning bikini shot. Pic credit: © Collin/Image Press Agency

Although 2022 was undoubtedly a challenging year for many, Halsey appeared to have a spectacular 12 months, if a recent post was any indication.

The Now or Never singer shared some of the highlights with a delightful video posted on social media.

The clip, shared with Halsey’s 30.8 million Instagram followers, had many exciting moments from the past year.

Some notable moments included Halsey in a bikini, doing promotional shoots for her makeup line, About Face, and also clips of her daughter.

Halsey chose a song by Tame Impala, appropriately titled New Person, Same Old Mistakes, to serve as the backing track to the montage.

Halsey’s caption read, “sending off 2022 grateful for tender moments and awe inspiring views ?.”

Halsey in zebra bikini shares memorable 2022 moments

The montage had a strong start, with Halsey standing in paradise rocking an animal print bikini. Palm trees surrounded a pool to create a picturesque background as Halsey danced with a blissful moment.

The memorable moment captured on camera showed Halsey in a zebra two-piece with a dark-haired man. The man, who appeared to be Halsey’s longtime partner, Alev Aydin, dipped Halsey with a dramatic gesture as she arched her back and pointed her toe while striking an impressive pose.

Next, Halsey’s daughter bounced around in a bouncy toy made for energetic toddlers. Halsey’s daughter, Ender Ridley Aydin, looked fabulous in a white, pink hat, likely the result of Halsey’s creative mind.

Another clip showed Halsey and Alev teaching their daughter to swim in a pool.

Other parts of the video showed Halsey rocking the stage, attending a fashion show, traveling the world, and doing a promotion for About-Face Beauty.

About-Face Beauty has been another creative outlet for the singer, who also has training as an artist.

Halsey’s makeup line, About-Face Beauty

Halsey, real name Ashley Nicolette Frangipane, created About-Face Beauty as a makeup line with a triple-entendre meaning.

As she told Byrdie last year, About-Face stands for her initials, has the same abbreviation as the acronym “AF,” and can refer to a military command.

Halsey created a highlighter specifically to allow her skin to glow on stage.

She explained, “I was mixing a highlighted primer with a liquid highlight, and then a cream highlight, and a powder highlight. I was just going crazy because I wanted people to be able to see my cheeks glint from the nosebleed seats. And there are pictures—they did.”

One of the highlighters she created, Light Lock Stick, comes in six colors, including Frenzy Frosted White and Reluctance Peachy Amber, retailing for $16.

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