Halsey in little black dress stuns in edgy photoshoot

Halsey in a black dress
Halsey looked gorgeous in her black dress as she hung out on a balcony. Pic credit: @iamhalsey/Instagram

Halsey looked absolutely stunning as she posed for her latest photoshoot.

She was seen on top of a building and looking rocker-chic on the edge of a balcony.  

She wore a black minidress that showed off her legs perfectly. It adorned a structured collar and a pleated skirt to really give a structured look.  

Over her, she wore a pinstripe blazer that fit her perfectly. On the collar, it had multiple buttons and brooches to take the preppy outfit and give it more of an edgy appeal.  

The Hold Me Down singer paired the look with knee-high black stiletto boots. The shoes were wide around the calf and had a pointed toe, making them the perfect boots for the season. 

She kept her makeup simple by opting out of eyeshadow and wearing nude lipstick. The brunette embraced her natural curl pattern and wore a curly pixie cut.  

Halsey is the founder of the successful makeup brand About Face 

Halsey has never been one to shy away from experimenting with her looks. She has been known to experiment with color and features in ways some people might be afraid to.

In 2021, she put her creativity into her brand, About Face. When speaking to the online publication Byrdie, she revealed the name itself had multiple meanings.

About Face has both her initials and means to go in opposite directions. When asked why she started this line, it seemed to be the thing that felt most natural to her. 

“I was an art student, so I paint and I still paint,” she explains. “Makeup has always been something I’ve just been naturally drawn to because I’m very dextrous with a brush and I know a lot about color.”   

Halsey goes to dinner in style 

Halsey’s dinner look could be anyone’s style inspiration. She was seen in a hotel looking stunning as she showcased photos of her vampy look. 

She wore a grey sleeveless dress that hugged every curve. It had vertical black seems and outlined the bust to mimic a corset. Over her, she wore a black vinyl jacket that cropped at the waist. She paired it with strappy sandals that wrapped up her ankle.  

Her makeup was the true star of the show. Halsey had smokey blue eyeshadow with gorgeous purple lip gloss to really add to her fantastic outfit. 

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