Halsey goes strapless with black gown in Paris

Halsey gazes into camera for selfie.
Halsey is gorgeous in a strapless black dress in Paris. Pic credit: @iamhalsey/Instagram

Halsey goes strapless in a little black dress in Paris. The 27-year-old pop singer has a new single, So Good, available for listening now.

The strapless black dress was tightly fitted to the artist’s body and cropped well above her knees. It featured a fluffy black bodice that gave the outfit a more regal appearance. The strapless nature allowed the tattoos on Halsey’s arms to take precedence in a lovely juxtaposition.

Halsey wore sheer see-through tights that illuminated her long, toned legs and allowed more of her tattoos to peek through. She stood with her weight on one hip and one of her legs bent, showing off the long length of her legs.

The Without Me singer accessorized with dangling silver earrings that featured a black jewel at the end. Her red pixie cut enabled the camera to better capture her neck and jawline.

Halsey carried a small black purse in her right hand and completed her look with shining gold stiletto heels, which gave her attire a fabulous appeal and provided the look with a nice pop of color.

Halsey posted her outfit on Wednesday, earning well over 400,000 likes. She captioned the post, “la fête! c’est magique!” which means, “celebration! It’s magic!” in French.

Halsey is the CEO of her beauty product line

Over the summer, Halsey dropped a new line of beauty products called af94. The products featured in the “made to play” beauty line include bold makeup products, much like the colors that Halsey likes to wear.

The beauty line was officially launched on July 25.

“Come as your messy, real, beautiful self (or whatever vibe you’re feeling today) bc skin is skin + makeup is for everyone. Explore 12 unique products in 50+ bold colors (and all $10 or less!)” a post by af94 included.

Halsey’s brand products can be purchased on the af94 website or in Walmart stores.

Halsey did her own makeup for performances

Halsey did her own makeup for performances and events because there wasn’t room in the budget for makeup at the beginning of her career. However, this allowed the talented artist to learn to apply and style makeup on her own.

The accomplished singer shared with Byrdie how makeup has helped her through tough times.

“I was on tour, and I had just gone through a really ugly and public breakup. I was crying and crying and crying. I was really embarrassed to have to go onstage and be sexy, and cool, and empowering, knowing that every single person in the audience had probably just read some gossip tabloid about me.” Halsey said.

“I just f***in’ took a big breath and just looked at myself and got ready—like I was going to war,” Halsey continued. “And by the time I had my makeup on, I wasn’t crying anymore.”

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