Halsey channels Winona Ryder in topless overalls Halloween costume

Halsey celebrates Holloween
Halsey celebrates Halloween with a stunning Winona rider costume. Pic credit: @Iamhalsey/Instagram

Halsey made a crazy transformation with her latest Halloween costume. She stunned fans as she posted a picture of her Winona Ryder-inspired look.  

The Badlands singer was seen channeling Winona’s 1994 Rolling Stone photoshoot.

In the magazine, fans could see the Edward Scissorhands actress topless in oversized denim overalls.

The stylist opted for no accessories and spiked up Winona’s brunette pixie cut. Her makeup remained simple, with neutral eyeshadow and a muted red lipstick to capture the reader’s attention.  

Halsey snapped a selfie Monday evening, where she did her own rendition of the shoot. While in a dressing room, the Die for Me singer showed off her newly spiked hair and barely-there makeup.

Even without the white background, her muted red lipstick was the focal point of the outfit.  

Winona Ryder in overalls
Pic credit: @Iamhalsey/Instagram

She wore matching overalls but paired her overalls with a white bra underneath, forgoing the braless look that Winona was known for.  

Halsey in her costume
Pic credit: @Iamhalsey/Instagram

Halsey is known for her vampy style 

While the Now or Never singer looks like a girl next door in her Winona-inspired look, she definitely has more of an edgy style. She was seen in an all-black Ann Demeulemeester outfit, looking better than ever.  

Halsey wore a black bra as her top of choice that showed off her toned abs. She paired the bra with a low-rise black mini-skirt and black stockings. Draped across her shoulders was a floor-length leather jacket that really gave her outfit an editorial appeal.  

To finish off the look, she wore leather pointed-toe boots.   

She kept the accessories simple with silver earrings to not distract from the overall ensemble.  

Halsey gelled her pixie cut to create a “wet look.” Her makeup matched her gothic vibe with grey winged eyeshadow, contoured cheekbones, and muted red lipstick.  

Halsey was scared to put out her latest album  

Despite her confident persona, Halsey was really worried about the perception of her album, If I Can’t Have Love, I Want Power.  

At the time of writing her album, the singer was pregnant with her son Ender and was also experimenting with her sound. When talking to NME, she explained that the changes that were happening created a lot of fear within her. However, now that the album has been out, she can enjoy herself more. 

“I’m like: ‘OK, I put out an album that wasn’t a traditional pop record and nobody died, everything was fine, I didn’t fall off the face of the earth, everything didn’t catch on fire,’” she told the publication, “In fact, a lot of wonderful things happened and it was experienced by so many people in such an amazing way.”  

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