Halsey celebrates ‘Lilith’ announcement on stage

halsey litlith
Halsey is announcing a new Lilith performance while wearing black lingerie. Pic credit: © Collin/Image Press Agency

Fans of the singer Halsey were in for a treat recently when she took to Instagram to announce an exciting collaboration with the popular game Diablo.

Halsey appeared at The Game Awards 2022 this week to announce the upcoming Diablo 4 game with her character, Lilith.

Halsey made the big reveal with epic imagery at the event and later on social media.

The announcement, shared via Instagram, showed pictures of the singer wearing skimpy attire, and although the concept received mixed reviews, most agreed that the singer looked terrific.

Halsey revealed in a caption that accompanied the post that she has been a fan of Diablo since high school. Her longtime affection for Diablo made the singer’s announcement much more exciting.

The Diablo collaboration allowed Halsey to channel a creature in ancient mythology who has played an integral role in her development as an artist: Lilith.

Halsey partners with Blizzard for Diablo 4 

The first image showed Halsey’s silhouette in a black one-piece with thigh-high stockings. Halsey held a microphone in her hand, wearing the long-sleeve, off-the-shoulder black ensemble that was sheer and shimmery.

Behind the singer, there was a large demonic figure displayed with shades of red. As Halsey revealed, that character was Lilith.

Another picture showed the announcement that appeared on stage with Halsey’s name and the name of her favorite character. There was smoke and special effects, with the stage transforming into a mystical underworld.

Halsey’s caption read, in part, “I get to pay hommage to my favorite character from ‘If I Can’t Have Love, I Want Power’ in the process. Lots more to come in this partnership ❤️‍?.”

However, some commenters appeared disturbed by the imagery behind Halsey.

Halsey fans and critics react to upcoming Diablo 4 partnership

While many of the comments under Halsey’s announcement post were positive, some people felt that the singer was promoting demonic entities.

One commented, “I hope you accept Jesus Christ as your saviour.”

halsey comments
Pic credit: @iamhalsey/Instagram

A particularly disgruntled fan wrote, “Unfollowing this lady and better stop listening her music too.”

One fan attempted to educate the angered commenters, revealing the genesis and origins of Lilith in ancient mythology. Lilith’s claim to fame in Hebrew mythology was as the first woman created by God.

As one commenter explained, “People in the comments clearly don’t know what this game is about. You literally fight evil in it….”

Regardless of religious beliefs, the new Halsey and Diablo collaboration presented an exciting opportunity for gamers and Halsey fans alike.

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