Halle Berry shows off her toned body while skateboarding down the street in bikini bottoms and a T-shirt

Halle Berry. 2019 CinemaCon Lionsgate Studio Presentation at Caesars Palace.
Halle Berry rocked her fit body in bikini bottoms and a t shirt while skateboarding for Fitness Friday. Pic credit: ©

Halle Berry showed off her fit physique in a new, eye-catching series of social media photos.

The Bruised actress and director, 55, shared the snaps to her Instagram page yesterday, looking toned and in shape as she skateboarded around the streets with celebrity trainer Peter Lee Thomas.

In three new posts, Halle showed off her body, proving that her hard work and dedication to exercise has paid off.

Halle Berry rocked bikini bottoms while skateboarding for Fitness Friday

In the first post, Halle could be seen from behind, wearing some fun floral bikini bottoms and a white T-shirt, her long hair flowing freely down around her shoulders and her feet completely bare as she balanced on the skateboard.

Peter appeared to be smiling as he leaned forward on his board just in front of the actress, showing off his own toned body in nothing but some thigh-high shorts and sneakers.

In the next photo, Halle gave a frontal view of herself taking on the classic skateboarding position, with both her feet planted firmly on the board and her knees bent slightly to remain stable as she went down the street.

Some cute heart-shaped glasses framed her face and her white shirt was tied into a knot just under her sternum to reveal her flat abs.

The last pic was another back shot that was snapped as Halle and Peter were skating past each other, reaching out their hands for a motivational low-five.

What is Halle Berry’s fitness routine?

While Halle is committed to keeping healthy and in shape, the actress has had to work hard to find a system that she can stay committed to long-term.

Speaking with Self magazine, Halle detailed more about her fitness routine and gave insight into the plan she has found that keeps her engaged in the process.

Halle said that she combines a variety of regimens in order to challenge different muscle groups and keep herself interested in working out, adding that it’s normal to feel “stupid” when first starting out with a new plan.

“I think we all feel uncomfortable when we’re not good at something right away, because you want to be,” she said. “You make yourself vulnerable and, honestly, risk looking stupid. That’s all part of the process, and maybe it helps to know that’s a good thing. It means you have a lot to learn.”

She admitted that even she hasn’t found joy in every fitness routine she has tried, saying that she was once told to try running but ended up hating it and giving it up.

“It was just not for me. I think there’s a fine line between challenging yourself and forcing yourself, and it’s important to know the difference,” she explained.

Halle encouraged others to set goals for themselves and not to worry if something just isn’t clicking, reminding readers that, “we don’t have to beat ourselves or our bodies up” in order to achieve the end-goal.

Halle currently is dating musician Van Hunt and, despite teasing fans with a fake wedding photo, the pair have yet to tie the knot. However, they appear to be going strong nearly two and a half years into their relationship.

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