Halle Berry is feeling right for a weekend share

Halle Berry feature
Halle Berry posed in a swimsuit over the weekend. Pic credit: © Collin/ImagePressAgency

Halle Berry shared the picturesque view she woke up to in a weekend share before a bikini snap.

The stunning actress has worked hard for her successful career, owns many homes, and appeared to be spending the weekend in her beachfront Malibu house.

She shared two stunning photos from her weekend downtime.

In the first snap, she appeared in bed with her dog and captured the sunrise from her window.

Then, Halle wore a chic hat and posed in a bikini for a sizzling selfie in the second photo.

The 56-year-old wore a black swimsuit and showed her toned midriff in the snap that appeared to be taken in her bathroom.

Her gym-honed slender arms were apparent, and she went without makeup, showing her flawless and wrinkle-free beauty.

In the caption of the Instagram post, the actress wrote, “This feels right for a Sunday.”

Halle Berry’s rē•spin recommends reiki for pets

Halle’s health and wellness brand, rē•spin, wrote about the health benefits of reiki for pets.

In the photo, the beauty posed with her two dogs on a sofa, and the Instagram post detailed how owners can improve their connection with pet dogs or other animals.

“It is not uncommon to notice pets or animals respond positively to energy healing modalities like reiki and acupuncture, the caption read, continuing:

“Balancing your pet’s energy can lead to better digestion, a new schedule, a rē•newal of joy/love, or complete rē•dedication to their owners. The idea of our pets loving us more than they already do is heartbreakingly sweet.⁠”

Reiki is a form of alternative medicine from Japan that involves an energy healing technique that promotes relaxation and stress reduction through the hands.

On the rē•spin website, a reiki healer shared the benefits of the healing technique for pets.

Halle Berry joins Pendulum Life

Halle has taken the next step on her mission to improve mental and physical health by teaming up with Pendulum Life.

The Academy Award-winning actor is a longtime customer and is putting her Hollywood star power behind the brand.

Earlier this month, her health and wellness brand announced on their IG that the actress had joined Pendulum Life as their Chief Communications Officer.

The caption said that Halle reached out to the CEO and co-founder after enjoying the benefits of their products.

The San Francisco-based company sells probiotics that help improve metabolic and gut health.

In addition to becoming the brand’s Chief Communications Officer, Halle is also an investor and has equity in the company.

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