Halle Berry declares ‘I do what I wanna do’ for weekend share

Halle Berry smiles for the camera.
Halle Berry is carefree for a weekend share. Pic credit: ©

Halle Berry is totally carefree in a sizzling snap for a weekend share. 

The stunning actress went without any clothes and enjoyed a drink from a wine glass on her balcony. 

The Oscar-winning actor proved that her hard work in the gym paid off with her toned physique, which is admirable for any age. 

The 56-year-old appeared to stop aging after turning 30 as she defied age with her youthful figure. 

The model and actress, who recently stunned in a bikini for a beach day, shared the post with her 8.3 million Instagram followers. 

In the caption, Halle let it be known she doesn’t care for any opinions, writing, “I do what I wanna do. ? Happy Saturday.”

Halle Berry shows her ‘Film Fit’ diet

The stunning actor is continuing her “Film Fit” campaign and gave some insight into her delicious and healthy eating habits to fuel her workouts with her lifestyle and health brand Re-Spin. 

The brand shared one of Halle’s favorite meals in an Instagram post. 

“Get Film Fit | Looking for ways to strengthen and nourish your body after a heavy sweat sesh? This week, we’ve got you covered with two easy-to-make recipes—from Halle’s favorite shrimp and veggies breakfast bowl to zoodles with meatballs; chef Isadora DeLeo, @chefisadeleo is here to rē•spin your palate.⁠”

The recipe for the protein-packed meal is available on the re-spin website

Halle also revealed her current supplement list to fuel her workouts. She uses products such as grass-fed protein powder, Pendulum Metabolic daily supplement, ghee butter, and almond butter. 

Halle was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at age 22 and has battled the condition by maintaining a healthy lifestyle throughout her career. 

If you have been keeping up with her social media activity, the actor has been showing her followers how she stays fit with challenging and new workouts every week. 

Halle Berry performs an agility workout routine

Halle is a hardcore fitness enthusiast, and with this week’s Fitness Friday, she shared her backyard agility workout.

Her trainer, Peter Lee Thomas, directed her to utilize cones for a cardio routine.

She is also seen picking and slamming a medicine ball for a full-body workout.

The actor completed her circuit-style training with an ab roller to keep her midriff toned and flat. 

Halle breezed through the workout with ease, showing her impressive fitness.

With her Re-Spin brand, Halle advocates working out with minimal equipment to achieve fitness goals.

In the caption of the video, she wrote: “What I love about this is anyone can do it. So let’s go y’all…all you need is a ball, some cones or small objects, and an ab wheel—and of course a backyard, park, or hallway!”

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