Halle Berry celebrates self love with a selfie

Halle Berry smiles on the red carpet.
Halle Berry goes nude to celebrate self love. Pic credit: © Collin/ImagePressAgency

Halle Berry celebrated ‘hump day’ by going nude after a steamy shower in new photos. 

The stunning actress exuded confidence as she opened up about self-love

Halle shared a soft smile in the first snap as she held her phone to the mirror. 

The 56-year-old has maintained her stunning beauty, as evident by her youthful skin and toned physique.

In the second snap of the Instagram share, Halle posed with her arm across her chest. 

She had her hair in soft curls and appeared wrinkle-free. In the caption, the Oscar-winning actress wrote, “hump day self love ?.”

Halle Berry goes for a challenge for Fitness Friday

Halle’s sensational bikini body doesn’t come without hard work. 

In a recent Fitness Friday share, the Oscar-winning actress shared a video of her workout with her personal trainer Peter Lee Thomas and opened up about challenging herself. 

“It’s #FitnessFriday, time to @respin our fit! If you’re anything like me, some workouts are harder than others. Well, this wrist weight workout kicked my butt!!” 

“This circuit is just 4 simple exercises, but if you do high reps and at least 5 sets, it’s a fat-burning cardio blast! Head over to @respin to get my bison taco recipe, workout instructions and more! Let’s get that body moving, ladies. Fellas, you too ✊? @peterleethomas.”

In the clip, Halle showed her fitness by using a Bosu ball to spring to her feet from an ab crunch before transitioning into a jump. 

In the second workout, the beauty held the Bosu ball to perform alternate jumping jacks. 

Halle then performed a burpees superset by lifting the Bosu ball on her way up from the push-up position.

The Monster’s Ball star also eats healthy to keep her waist snatched and gives her fans insight into her eating habits. 

Halle Berry’s Re-spin offers nutritional advice and recipes

Halle’s wellness and lifestyle brand, Re-spin, recommended a healthy recipe that would satisfy the taste buds. 

In the caption, the brand shared a photo of the food and recommended it for a picnic and snack. 

The caramelized onion and asparagus quiche is a versatile meal as it can be enjoyed by vegetarians and non-vegetarians.

Over on the Re-Spin website, fans can get the recipe for the nutritious quiche.

Re-spin also advised that women who suffer from premenstrual symptoms eat fresh fruit.

Halle launched the brand in 2020 to help her fans stay motivated and healthy during the COVID-19 lockdowns. 

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