Halle Berry celebrates beach day

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Halle Berry enjoyed a beach day. Pic credit: ©

Halle Berry looked stunning as she enjoyed a beach day.

In one snap, the 56-year-old Hollywood star wore a bikini and a beach robe as she put her bare feet on the sand for a stroll on the shoreline of what appears to be Malibu beach.

Halle shared a montage that included several photos in which she looked incredibly toned in a swimsuit.

She wore two robes on top of her bikini and accessorized the beach day outfit with dark sunglasses.

The Academy Award-winning actress appeared to enjoy her life and shared a soft smile in several pictures.

She shared the post with her Instagram followers, adding the caption, “Beach 💪🏽.”

The Hollywood icon has recently embarked on a health and wellness journey and has been open about her fitness routine to help others.

Halle Berry’s workout routine for her toned legs

In an interview with InStyle, the beauty talked about her fitness routine and healthy lifestyle.

When asked about her typical workout week, Halle said her routine varied due to preparing for different film roles.

“Some days I’d work on strength and cardio, and others I’d do yoga and stretching, all while I did a few hours of martial arts training each day,” she said, continuing:

“For me, it’s been important not to overstress my body. Taking cold hot showers has been a good recovery ritual.”

One of Halle’s favorite workouts is the rē*spin Plyo Agility Routine from her health and wellness brand.

The exercise routine involves performing skaters, drop squats with a resistance band, V-sprints into a back shuffle, broad jump, and figure eights. Each exercise has ten repetitions in three to five sets.

After being diagnosed with diabetes in her early teens, it became critical for the actress to manage her nutrition and eating habits.

She follows a low-carb diet to prevent her blood sugar levels from fluctuating. Her diet generally consists of protein, such as lamb chops and various vegetables.

Halle Berry offers a book recommendation

Halle encouraged her followers to read with a book recommendation last week on Valentine’s Day.

She shared a stunning photo in which she posed in bed in lingerie with a red rose.

In the caption, she suggested the book How They Met by David Friedman, a compilation of 18 real stories of how people met and ended up falling in love.

The actress said the book contained uplifting and funny stories for an entertaining read.

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