Hailey Bieber stuns in short black dress

Hailey Bieber looks stunning in black attire.
Hailey Bieber is gorgeous in her black minidress. Pic credit: © Thompson/AdMedia

Hailey Bieber strikes again as she uploaded an array of stunning photographs in her most recent share.

The 26-year-old model never falls short when it comes to supplying some jaw-dropping shots, and in her most recent social media post, she demonstrated just that.

Hailey took to her Instagram, where she kindly shared the treat with her 49.3 million Instagram followers.

However, she didn’t just upload a couple of photos. Instead, she gifted fans with a 7-shot collage.

In the first slide, Hailey blessed her audience with a glowing selfie that effortlessly radiated beautiful energy.

She gave a light smirk while she wore a Chicago Bulls cap and a cream-colored jacket.

Hailey Bieber stuns in her black mini dress

In the following slide, Hailey shared a mirror selfie, this time as she posed in her flashy black ensemble.

She wore a low-cut patent leather minidress that also featured some fur-trimmed cuffs that outlined the sleek-looking dress.

The black statement piece looked to be held together by the brown buttons that were buttoned tightly around her hips and waist.

The minidress hugged her body perfectly, as it highlighted her slender figure.

To accessorize, she had a pair of black leather boots that reached her mid-leg and then rocked a couple of tiny black sunglasses.

She wore a pair of gold hoop earrings and further tied her long locks back into a tight bun while she left a couple of pieces of hair to fall in front of her face.

As she posed in her lofty space, a wide variety of black sneakers and boots made an appearance in the background.

In contrast to the first two posts, Hailey switched it up by posting a close-up of two perfectly made ice cream cones.

She then continued to add other satisfying candy and treats to the collage and a cute picture of two small pups.

She captioned her fun collage, “fun things ? yummy things.”

Hailey Bieber launches new Rhode product

It goes without saying that Hailey has certainly been juggling a crazy amount of work, especially when it comes to her modeling and endless gigs.

However, the star didn’t stop there as she also founded her own skincare line, Rhode.

The skincare line has featured a wide variety of affordable products that offers help and further nourishment for any skin type.

Hailey has continued to add more products over the last couple of months, and as of last week, she just added a new lip treatment.

The new lip product is called the Peptide Lip Treatment in Vanilla Cake and launched on November 22.

Before she got ready to launch, Hailey shared the news with her Instagram followers as she wrote, “yummy birthday treats ? our new, limited edition Peptide Lip Treatment in Vanilla Cake launches next week. YUM ? grab it solo or in this cute Birthday Duo, paired with our Peptide Glazing Fluid. see you 11/22 at 8 am PST.”

The new product can be found on her Rhode’s website and is a part of her limited edition collection.

So fans should act quickly before this amazing product sells out.

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