Hailey Bieber stuns in red patent leather that literally looks painted on

Hailey Bieber at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party.
Hailey Bieber standing in front of a blue backdrop. Pic credit: ©

There’s so much going on in Hailey Bieber’s life right now, from her high-profile marriage to Justin Bieber to the launch of her cosmetic line Rhode Skin.

During the season of fall, though, she’s more focused than ever on making sure she looks incredible for Halloween. Halloween is the perfect holiday for anyone and everyone to choose a persona or character they want to be.

Dressing up like someone who’s inspired you in the past can be so much fun. Ever since the 90s, Britney Spears has been considered one of the most iconic musicians in the industry.

Because of that, plenty of people have decided to dress up like Britney over the years for many different occasions using several of her different looks.

Britney wore the latex outfit while shooting the music video for Oops I Did it Again, and the world still hasn’t recovered from it.

Hailey went with one of Britney’s most memorable outfit choices from the music video she performed in back in the year 2000.

Hailey Bieber is channeling Britney Spears

Hailey looked absolutely fabulous wearing a skin-tight bodysuit in a picture she reposted on her Instagram story. The bright red bodysuit was made with shiny material that caused it to glow in a stunning manner.

It was designed with long sleeves, long pants, and a turtleneck collar adding tons of coverage from head to toe. Since the suit was so tight, though, it still showed off Hailey’s awesome curves.

A picture of Hailey Bieber wearing a red full-body suit.
Hailey Bieber wearing a red bodysuit. Pic credit: @chloeandchenelle/Instagram

Hailey wore her blonde hair pulled back in a high ponytail. She wore black nail polish with a face of flawless makeup.

The sultry shot was posted by @chloeandchenelle who also tagged @maryphillips and @claytonhawkins at the bottom to shout out everyone involved.

Hailey Bieber stands out in casual clothing

Even when Hailey isn’t dressed up in over-the-top outfits that remind the world of Britney’s glory days, she still looks incredible. Hailey posted a picture in casual clothing, including a yellow crop top with green cargo pants, and she looked totally gorgeous.

The yellow crop top was designed with green trim at the end of the sleeves and around the collar. It also had a green design printed on the front and back.

The green cargo pants had large pockets, and on top of the pant’s edge, Hailey wore two body chains layered around her waist. The body chains were gold and one of them had red crystals.

Hailey wore two gold bracelets, a pair of small gold earrings, her wedding ring, and a pair of vintage sunglasses.

She struck a pose by arching her back and pulling her hair up in the shape of a messy ponytail with several strands left behind. She puckered her lips for the flirty kissy-face mirror selfie.

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