Hailey Bieber shows off toned abs for dinner date with Justin Bieber

Hailey Bieber arrives at the Fashion Media Awards
Hailey Bieber stunned in a crop while out on a date with her husband, Justin Bieber. Pic credit: © Collin/Image Press Agency

Hailey Bieber went full glam with her makeup and outfit for a dinner date with Justin Bieber. The couple was spotted leaving their dinner date at the Birds Club in West Hollywood in style.

Hailey looked gorgeous in a grey crop top paired with an oversized suit. The 26-year-old model showed off her incredibly toned abs in the grey crop top while walking alongside Justin.

She also wore an oversized gray pinstripe blazer open over her grey crop top, as well as matching baggy dress-suit pants. Meanwhile, she paired the outfit with a pair of black platform-heeled shoes.

Hailey further accessorized her look with a pair of thick gold hoop earrings and a delicate gold necklace. Her bulky diamond wedding ring was also visible on her ring finger.

For the outing, she opted to wear her hair slicked back from her face and tied behind her head. She also went full glam with her makeup, including her glossy lipstick.

She also had a black purse slung over her shoulder, though only the strap was visible in the photo.

Hailey Bieber enjoyed a dinner date with Justin Bieber

Meanwhile, Justin went with a more casual look for the dinner date. He wore a grey jacket over a white t-shirt and had his hood over his head as he walked with Hailey.

In addition to this hood, he also wore a brown beanie on his head. Meanwhile, he paired his jacket and t-shirt with a pair of baggy denim jeans with a paint-spatter design on them.

He topped off his look with two chains around his neck and wore a pair of Drewhouse smiley-face slippers for shoes. The lovebirds were spotted out on their dinner date just shortly after Hailey got candid about her health struggles and suffering from PTSD.

Justin Bieber and Hailey Bieber leave a restaurant after enjoying a date night.
Hailey Bieber and Justin Bieber were spotted out for dinner shortly after Hailey spoke out about her health scare. Pic credit: affinitypicture / BACKGRID

On Friday, Bieber opened up on a podcast about the mini-stroke she suffered back in March 2022 and how it had left her struggling with anxiety and PTSD. She said that going back to Palm Springs, where the health scare happened, was “triggering” for her.

She also revealed that she experienced anxiety about her health afterward and feared going through the same thing again.

However, she also confirmed that she has fully recovered since then and is learning to enjoy life once more despite her fears.

Hailey recently dropped her first clothes line

While Hailey is best known for her modeling career, she has recently delved into entrepreneurship. In addition to launching a skincare line, Rhode, Hailey recently released her first clothing collection.

In September, she released her clothing collection with the help of Wardrobe.NYC. According to her, the collection took two years to become a reality.

She opted to work with Wardrobe.NYC because their sleek, minimal pieces appealed to her. In line with their style, Hailey wanted to create a simple collection of “essentials.”

She told Vogue, “I wanted to take the fuss out of putting together a killer outfit.” The result was 14 pieces that she identified as “staples” of fashion, including tank tops, blazers, minidresses, and sweatpants.

The clothing collection is still pretty fresh, but she succeeded in creating a distinct minimalist style with her line. Now that she has officially entered the fashion design industry, she could be gearing up to release her own clothing brand down the line.

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