Hailey Bieber leaves little to the imagination while covered in flowers

Hailey Bieber close up
Hailey Bieber is stunning in a floral Halloween look. Pic credit: ©

Hailey Bieber has been rocking a number of spooky looks this Halloween season, but for her latest costume, she drew inspiration from a 1999 Yves Saint Laurent couture look.

The wife of Justin Bieber donned her own version of the floral wedding dress modeled by Laetitia Casta during a YSL spring/summer couture runway show.

The outfit was constructed from beautiful pink roses which formed a cropped top with an asymmetrical strap made from the leaves and vines that crossed over Hailey’s chest.

It left little to the imagination as Hailey’s incredible body looked killer in the floral costume. The bottoms were also constructed of roses but had an added piece of fabric attached at the back creating a stunning train.

The train was made from a sheer pink fabric with a frilled trim all around the edges elevating the already elaborate outfit.

Hailey’s long brunette locks were styled with a soft wave and she donned a gorgeous pink rose flower crown.

On her feet, she wore a pair of pink-heeled sandals, and around her ankle, she wore a corsage made from the same pink roses to match the rest of her outfit.

She used pink tones in her makeup, wearing her cheeks rosy with blush and painting her lips in pink lipstick.

Hailey posed for the snaps in front of a bright fuchsia backdrop in keeping with the pink color palette. The photos showed off her incredible modeling prowess, striking various poses.

The last post of the Halloween post was a video clip, where Hailey admired her reflection in a mirror and took a sip from a delicious-looking cocktail.

She uploaded the photo set to Instagram, where it reached over 2 million likes in less than a day.

Hailey Bieber goes vampy in Versace

Halloween was drawing to a close, but Hailey wasn’t done with her spooky fashion looks just yet.

The stunning 27-year-old swapped the delicate pink roses for something a little more daring as she rocked an all-black look in which she channeled her inner vampire.

Donning a black wig, she shared an image of the vampy outfit to her Instagram Stories.

The skincare brand owner dressed in a black bra that featured multiple belts with gold hardware that crisscrossed over the star’s chest.

She paired the bra with a black miniskirt which she cinched with a black belt with a large gold buckle.

Two gold chains were attached to the skirt and draped at different heights across the front, one showing VERSACE in capital letters.

Hailey Bieber dresses as a vampire for Instagram Story
Pic credit: @haileybieber/Instagram

To accessorize the all-black outfit, she rocked multiple Versace chokers around her neck, large pearl earrings, a gold garter belt around her thigh, and long black latex gloves.

For the final touches, she wore vampire fangs, purple eyeshadow, and red lipstick with red blood dribbling from the side of her mouth.

Hailey Bieber promotes her own skincare brand, Rhode

When she’s not dreaming up amazing outfits to model for Instagram, she is hard at work promoting her own skincare business, Rhode.

She launched the brand back in June 2022, and it has proved a big success so far with her products continuing to sell out.

The stunning model recently announced a restock of one of her popular products, the Peptide Lip Treatment.

Posting a black and white image to social media featuring her logo, she posed topless in a pair of jeans with her back to the camera,

Who could be better to promote the product than the gorgeous founder herself? The post came as a photo carousel and as viewers swiped, Hailey was seen in a short video clip applying the product to her lips, giving them an incredible gloss finish.

If you are quick enough to grab one before they sell out, the product is priced at $16.00 and comes in three flavor options, Salted Caramel, Watermelon, and Unscented.

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