Hailey Bieber is stunning in new Victoria’s Secret ad

Hailey Bieber wears shiny lipgloss.
Hailey Bieber wears small hoop earrings. Pic credit: @haileybieber/Instagram

In this day and age, more people than ever are taking Hailey Bieber seriously as a model.

Since she hangs out with other top-notch models like Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner, it makes sense that she fits right in with this career path.

Hailey looks absolutely fabulous whenever she poses for photo shoots for her own brand, Rhode Skin. Hailey also looks incredible when she is posing for other professional brands, including Victoria’s Secret.

The lingerie brand has been around since the late 70s. With each new decade, Victoria’s Secret continues to change and evolve to keep up with ever-changing trends from customers.

As of now, they’re leaning on Hailey to help sell more products since they know she is a likable and popular starlet to keep up with.

Hailey posed for a gorgeous photo wearing green lingerie for Victoria’s Secret brand, and she looked beyond amazing.

Hailey Bieber stands out in Victoria’s Secret lingerie

The lacy lingerie Hailey wore for Victoria’s Secret was designed with enough coverage to cover her most intimate parts. On her legs, she wore lacy knee-high tights that went all the way up her thighs.

On her feet, she wore a pair of silver heels with rhinestones all over them and pointed tips. Hailey accessorized the lingerie look with a choker necklace that had a black rim to it with a silver pendant hanging down the center.

She kept her makeup simple and clean-cut and wore her brown hair parted down the middle in a smooth and breezy hairstyle. Hailey posed for the gorgeous photo with one hand on her hip and the other arm extended over giant gold-colored V and S letters.

She shouted Victoria’s Secret out in her caption as well as a photographer named Camille Summers-Valli and a stylist named Alex White who she worked with.

Hailey Bieber posed in flowers

In a separate series of photos Hailey shared on Instagram, she wore a two-piece outfit that was made almost entirely of pink roses. The artistic outfit came with green leaves as trim around the bra, shorts, and flower crown.

She had a sheer pink skirt attached to the back of her shorts that gave us a very royal vibe. The skirt was open in the front to show off her legs and trimmed with large ruffles from top to bottom.

On her feet, Hailey wore a pair of simple pink heels with thin straps over the toes. There were more pink roses with green leaves attached or on her ankles as well. She mentioned that she was inspired by the YSL haute couture collection from 1999 in her caption.

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