Hailey Bieber at beach is ‘ready for summer’

hailey bieber selfie
Hailey Bieber is longing for summertime. Pic credit: @haileybieber/Instagram

With spring only days away, Hailey Bieber is ready for summertime.

The wife of Justin Bieber expressed these thoughts in a recent social media post.

The Rhode founder shared an eight-part post with videos and pictures for a lot of variety.

Hailey’s 49.4 million Instagram followers were the first to receive the news from the model.

Fans rewarded Hailey’s efforts with 2.7 million likes and countless comments.

The social media post featured beaches, bikinis, paddleboards, and a plug for Hailey’s skincare line.

Hailey Bieber is ready for summer with a neon bikini

Hailey began the carousel as she knelt on a paddleboard, wearing a neon green bikini. She appeared in the middle of the ocean with crystal clear water beneath her. Above the model, blue skies and fluffy clouds added to the tropical ambiance.

Hailey wore an orange hat, protecting her precious face from harmful UV rays. A swipe right saw Hailey smiling while lounging in a beach chair. She switched up her hat but kept the same bikini, changing to a white bucket cap. The actress had a strawberry daiquiri sitting next to her. Hailey accessorized with shell jewelry around her wrist and neck and an elaborate belly chain.

In the third part of the post, Hailey threw back her head and soaked up the sun, wearing a peach string bikini and facing away from the camera.

Next, Hailey stood under the sun, holding one of her famous Rhode skin care lip glosses. She had a definite sunkissed appearance, serving as the perfect promotion for her brand.

Later in the post, Hailey recorded herself as she soaked up the sun with an undeniable glow and radiant beauty.

Finally, Hailey took one more selfie with a different Rhode product next to her cheek.

Her caption read, “I’m ready for summer.”

Overall, the pictures were a great way to promote her brand.

Hailey Bieber launches Rhode after skin struggles

Hailey created Rhode Skin after struggling with perioral dermatitis, which caused inflammation. She had to select products that didn’t irritate her delicate skin. Hailey’s skin struggles allowed her to gain education about ingredients, and she used this knowledge in her line.

As Hailey revealed to PEOPLE, affordability and accessibility were essential to her brand.

She explained, “It was very important to me that if I open up the world of Rhode, everyone is invited. Everyone is included. I wanted it to be accessible and attainable for everyone.”

Hailey began Rhode with three staple products: Barrier Restore Cream, Peptide Glazing Fluid, and Peptide Lip Treatment.

Each product has a price tag under $30 and contains moisturizing and firming properties.

Fans can buy the products on the Rhode Skin website.

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