Hailey Beiber looks smoking hot in new Instagram photos as she poses in series of bikini shots

Hailey Beiber shared two sultry and flirtatious new bikini photos to her social media page. Pic credit: ©ImageCollectAgency/Admedia

Hailey Beiber is reveling in the summer heat, sharing sizzling shots of herself looking gorgeous in some revealing swimwear.

The 24 year old model and wife of pop star singer Justin Beiber, 27, posted several photos to her Instagram account as she seemed to enjoy time with friends and have fun in the summer sun.

Hailey captioned the first series of photos, saying, “Let the summer friendventures begin,” as she appeared in a few skimpy bikinis either while frolicking in the ocean, working on an art project, and lounging on a pool float as she soaked up some rays.

Hailey Beiber stuns in series of revealing bikini shots

While spending time at the beach, Hailey showed off her incredible physique in a barely-there, cobalt-blue, shimmery bikini. The top displayed some serious skin with two strips of triangles covering her front.

The metallic blue, matching bottom looked striking on Hailey’s toned torso and thighs, as the side straps started high up on her hip and dipped sharply downward into another triangular covering.

In another photo shared to the “friendventures” thread, Hailey looked stoic as she gazed up at the camera while donning a canary-yellow bikini, holding a paintbrush as she sits in front of what appears to be an art wall.

The model’s tan skin looked glowy and free of imperfections as she sat among small piles of paint tubes and plastic wrapping.

In the final photo, Hailey put her full physique on display, shading her face with a casually-tilted hand while relaxing on a water lounger. Her gold bikini practically melted into her bronze skin as she showed off her toned abs and legs.

The model later shared another single bikini shot, showing a more flirtatious and fun side, puckering her lips for the camera while wearing a zebra-print bikini, chunky green, black, and gold sweater, green-rimmed square sunglasses, and a cute, forest-green bucket hat.

When did Hailey and Justin get married and how long have they really been together?

The stunner married Justin Beiber in 2018 after what seemed to fans like a whirlwind romance. The couple may have been together longer than they have let on, however.

Justin shared the first photo of himself with his future wife back in 2014, during the tumultuous time period the singer was in an off-again on-again relationship with Selena Gomez.

Although tricky to nail down firm details about Selena and Justin’s history and official break up, it seemed that the two were totally finished when the Holy singer was caught sharing a steamy kiss with Hailey while on a family vacation.

Justin recently opened up about his marriage to Hailey, explaining that the first year was “pretty rough” and the pair had to overcome his self-proclaimed fears and trust issues.

Justin has a scheduled tour set to begin in 2022, much to fans’ delight and after a long pandemic, during which many singers were forced to postpone events.

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