Hailey Baldwin ‘not pregnant’ with Justin Bieber’s baby

Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber
Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber in the photo he shared in July as he announced their engagement. Pic credit: @justinbieber/Instagram

Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber announced that they were engaged a few weeks ago, shocking just about everyone.

While they had been spotted together, some websites claimed that Justin was trying to win back Selina Gomez after the two had gone through a rocky romance just a few years prior.

However, Bieber appeared to be more than thrilled to share the news that he had found the woman he wanted to be with — penning a love letter to Hailey as he revealed their engagement.

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Pregnancy rumors are normal after an engagement, and in this case the rumor mill went wild.

Back in July, Justin Bieber shut down a paparazzi photographer who hounded him about whether Hailey was expecting.

And according to a new report, she definitely isn’t. More than that, they are reportedly not even planning on making babies anytime soon.

It sounds like they want to get married first, enjoy their relationship, and then settle down to have kids. A source told Hollywood Life that they are taking their time and they want to do things right.

Hailey and Justin are very excited to have kids together but there’s no massive rush. Hailey is still young and she wants to enjoy every step along the way of this fairytale. She’s traditional in a lot of ways and wants to wait until after she’s married to get pregnant.

Just because Hailey Baldwin isn’t pregnant now doesn’t mean that it will be years before they have a child together.

The source says the pair are both “very excited” about the prospect of having children, but that there is “no massive rush”.

Hailey and Justin have supposedly also promised her family that they won’t start a family before they tie the knot. No date has been set for the wedding.

If you want to see little Biebers running around, you may have to relocate to Canada, though. The pair apparently plan to move there to live a quieter life.

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