Hailee Steinfeld is celebrating her birthday in this stunningly sheer dress

hailee steinfeld birthday
Hailee Steinfeld celebrates her birthday and wears a see-through dress for the occasion. Pic credit: © Collin/Image Press Agency

It’s Hailee Steinfeld’s birthday, and she’ll serve looks if she wants to as the stunning actress turns 26.

Hailee looked magnificent in a sparkly ensemble made for a birthday girl.

She first unveiled the look on Friday night, making appearances in the Instagram Stories of her friends. The True Grit actress and a group of her friends, including Patrick Ta, and Xochitl Gomez, joined Hailee for her special day.

On her actual birthday, Hailee made things more permanent with a three-part post on her main IG account.

The star used Instagram to share pictures of her special day, wearing a sheer and sparkly dress that revealed her white underwear and bra underneath. The garment also showed Hailee’s perfect figure and glowing skin.

The post served as a reminder that it was her birthday, encouraging birthday wishes from friends and fans.

Hailee let the photos do the talking, opting for three birthday cakes as her caption.

Hailee Steinfeld stuns in see-through sparkly birthday dress

The first picture showed the former child actress as she struck a pose in front of a massive gold balloon. She placed her hand in her luscious hair, which featured loose waves and lovely highlights. Hailee pivoted her hips with white platform heels on her feet, giving her extra height.

Subsequent shots showed Hailey working her angles in the glamorous attire, which had a disco vibe.

The dress was a beautiful silver-colored piece with sheer mesh that cascaded down to the ground and sparkled with each camera flash. Hailee’s sleeveless birthday dress was the perfect way to command attention on her special day.

Hailee was sure to tag the team of stylists and artists who helped prepare her birthday ensemble, including celebrity makeup artist Ash K. Holm.

Although having a celebrity makeup artist likely helps, Hailee shared the true secret to her flawless glow.

Hailee Steinfeld loves Core Hydration

In October, Hailee revealed the secret to her beautiful glow: water. Hailee doesn’t just enjoy any water; she has expressed a preference for Core Hydration.

Hailee teamed up with the pH-balanced water that is said to regulate the acidity in the body and restore levels to normal.

Her caption read, “coast, hydrate, repeat. ✨ @core hydration is balanced at 7.4 pH to mimic your body’s natural levels. comment below your favorite ways to practice wellness :) #ad #findyourcore.”

Before the sponsored post, Hailee showed love for Core Hydration in an interview.

Hailee spoke with Elite Daily and explained, “What I love so much about my partnership with Core Hydration is that it has truly served as the perfect reminder to myself that it is so important to make a conscious effort to stay balanced in all aspects of life.”

Haile certainly serves as living proof that hydration is key.

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