Hailee Steinfeld in colorful two-piece promotes new music video

Hailee Steinfeld arrives at the 2020 Vanity Fair Oscar Party
Hailee Steinfeld stunned in a colorful ensemble for a special announcement. Pic credit: © Collin/Image Press Agency

Hailee Steinfeld posed for a mirror selfie in an outfit with some trippy coloring on it to promote her upcoming music video.

The 25-year-old actress and singer was hyping up the release of her new music video for her song, Coast, which features Anderson Paak. Steinfeld was counting down the minutes to its release and shared an update at the 30-min mark.

She paired the announcement with several shots of her posing in a studio. For the photos, she donned a gorgeous two-piece outfit.

The outfit was one of several spotted in the Coast music video. The music video was filled with psychedelic effects, and her two-piece was no exception.

The crop top and matching skirt featured an abstract pattern of colors and showed off her toned midriff. Meanwhile, she paired the outfit with an equally bright and bold royal blue cuff bracelet.

She matched her blue bracelet with a blue ring and earrings, as well as with her sky blue-colored iPhone.

Hailee Steinfeld promoted her new music video

In the caption, Steinfeld expressed her excitement regarding how close the music video premiere was. She then poked some fun at her excitement by sarcastically commenting that she hadn’t been waiting for this moment or anything.

She concluded the post with gratitude for her supporters for helping her make the music video a reality.

Steinfeld’s countdown to the music video started several days before its release. She began passing the days by sharing behind-the-scenes photos with her fans.

The first photo she posted showed her sitting in the middle of a studio in a colorful bikini top, a cardigan, and grey pants. Behind her, a slew of cameramen and equipment indicated that filming was underway.

For another update, she posed for a sweet photo with Anderson. The two were all smiles as they leaned in close for the photo behind Anderson’s drum set.

The excitement for the music video premiere seemed to be warranted as the video racked up over 30k views within its first hour of release.

Hailee Steinfeld’s Coast is a product of her Core Hydration partnership

Steinfeld’s single, Coast, was released as part of her partnership with the water brand, Core Hydration. Her partnership began on April 20 when she was named a Core Hydration brand ambassador.

As a brand ambassador, she became the face of Core’s newest campaign, Find Your Core. The campaign sought to inspire consumers to live balanced lives by demonstrating how Steinfeld finds balance in her life.

Her sea-themed song was the perfect choice to kick off her Core partnership with. However, she has used both her music and social media to endorse the brand.

She recently shared an Instagram post explaining how Core’s pH levels are balanced. She paired the discussion with a photo of her holding a Core bottle and wearing a gorgeous sky blue, polka-dotted dress.

Her partnership with Core has been fruitful so far as it spurned the release of her newest song and allowed her to mix her music career with her endorsements.

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