Gymnast Nastia Liukin shares intense beach workout

Nastia Liukin smiles into the camera.
Nastia Liukin shows off her athleticism in skintight spandex. Pic credit: ©

Nastia Liukin was stunning in spandex as she practiced an impressive workout routine.

The two-piece skintight black spandex outfit perfectly hugged the athlete’s amazing figure and allowed the camera to capture her toned abs. The spandex leggings highlighted her long and toned legs.

Nastia and entrepreneur Kira Stokes happily danced around together in the video, performed impressive cartwheels, and practiced intense squats with resistance bands around their thighs.

Kira also looked fantastic in the video, with a matching blue spandex outfit. Her short blonde hair bounced around throughout the routine as she enjoyed quality time with Nastia.

Nastia and Kira’s view was almost as impressive as their athleticism. The beach featured an open blue sky, shiny water, and fluffy white sand.

Overall the duo looked incredible, athletic, and full of happy energy. The video was shared to Instagram on Wednesday and earned over 2,000 likes.

Nastia Liukin models for Mugler

Nastia has had a successful career as a gymnast and also has made major moves as a model. She posted a video to Instagram to model for Mugler, which is a clothing and perfume line.

The Olympic Gold Medalist looked amazing in the fashionable dress and it’s clear why Mugler would want her to promote its brand.

The dress featured a slit in the front that allowed the camera to capture the entirety of her long legs. It included long sleeves, large cutouts, and sheer see-through fabric along with black fabric.

Nastia posted the video to Instagram and included in her caption, “But on the weekends, I don’t dress for friends.”

Nastia Liukin appreciates her days

Nastia is usually busy as a gymnast and with her modeling endeavors, but she also takes well-deserved time for relaxation.

The athlete posted a beautiful and peaceful image of herself enjoying time on the beach. The beach was lovely with fluffy white sand, a clear blue sky, and a mountain range in the distance.

Nastia wore a comfy white sweater and light blue jeans. She paired the outfit with sunglasses to protect her eyes as she lifted her face toward the sun.

The Olympian posted the photo along with another image that included some words of wisdom. Some of the text in the image included, “What if there were only fifteen more times you’ll fall asleep listening to the ocean beat against the shore?”

The post seemed to make the point to appreciate every day and moment in this world. Nastia certainly seems to be appreciating her days to the fullest.

The athlete posted the photo and image with text to Instagram and included in her caption, “what if…”

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