Gymnast Nastia Liukin is pretty in pink SKIMS to show off amazing Christmas decorations

Nastia Liukin stuns in bright pink.
Nastia Liukin looks stunning in her bright pink attire. Pic credit: ©

All eyes were on Nastia Liukin as she welcomed her fans into her home while she showcased her stunning Christmas decorations.

The Russian Olympic gymnast certainly got in the holiday spirit as she showed off her beautiful, modern holiday decor.

However, not only did Nastia show off her incredible decorating skills, but she also showcased her toned athletic physique as well.

Her fans were indeed blessed with this little treat as she let her followers indulge in not only one but two breathtaking pics.

The athlete shared the mesmerizing shots with her 1.1 million Instagram followers, uploading them to her Story.

It would be no surprise if Nastia helped her fans get into the holiday spirit after witnessing such delightful, cheery content.

Nastia Liukin stuns in a bright pink bodysuit

While the gymnast happily decorated her lofty space, she was captured wearing a vibrant-colored bodysuit.

The bright pink outfit hugged Nastia’s figure perfectly while it featured a long zipper down the front of her body.

In the Story, she wrote, “It’s a @skims bodysuit for inquiring minds :).”

The beautiful bright suit was a part of SKIMS’ new holiday collection, and Nastia looked effortlessly gorgeous in it.

She styled the pink top with a pair of black, high-waisted flare jeans that hugged her hips, further accentuating her tiny waist.

To finish the ensemble, she coordinated with a pair of classic black, pointed boots.

Looks stunning in bright pink SKIMS bodysuit.
Pic credit: @nastialiukin/Instagram

While the Olympian looked stellar in her electrifying fit, her makeup continued to complement the look as well.

She wore her blonde hair in a pretty ponytail tied back tightly and curled at the ends.

She then styled with a full face of makeup which made her skin glow perfect for the shots.

For her makeup, she wore long, bold lashes and paired them with a light line of eyeliner across her lids.

The gymnast then finalized the gorgeous look with some blush and bronzer along with a glossy pink lip.

Overall, Nastia looked flawless while she executed the fit with complete ease.

Nastia Liukin stuns in her SKIMS bodysuit.
Pic credit: @nastialiukin/Instagram

Nastia Liukin shares her full workout routine along the beach

In another recent post, the gymnast was kind enough to share a day in the life of an athlete as she recorded herself during a workout session.

Nastia was joined by fitness trainer Kira Stokes as they teamed up together to shoot the scenic video.

The two women geared up in their athletic fits as they were captured having a nice workout along the sunny beach.

Nastia and Kira looked to be enjoying themselves during the workout and stretch session as they smiled, laughed, and further goofed around side by side.

The two athletes did a variety of quad and glute exercises as they sported a workout band around their legs.

The two ladies were also pictured doing some cartwheels as they apparently had no problem with getting their hands a little sandy.

Nastia picked Weezer’s Island In The Sun song to pair for the video as it was the perfect fit for the vibes.

She captioned the video, “🫶 Sometimes less is more…. No caption even necessary. Just true happiness when your soul is filled with everything you need.”

Fans came out to support Nastia’s fun, beachy workout routine as the post received over 1.1k likes.

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