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Gymnast McKayla Maroney in ribbed top sets boundaries in her car

McKayla Maroney close up
McKayla Maroney poses close up. Pic credit: @mckaylamaroney/Instagram

Olympic gymnast McKayla Maroney is staying firm as she sets boundaries as part of her self-care.

The London 2012 Olympics face continues to prove popular as she posts both to her own Instagram and her Glowy by McKayla one – it was to the latter that she this week shared an update showing her being stunning from her car.

Talking mental health, McKayla shared two photos while in a bright red and ribbed top.

The California native posed amid red leather seats as she showed off hints of her Gold Medal body, also glamming up via warming blush on her cheekbones and a bold red lip.

Also rocking thick brows, a little mascara, and catwing eyeliner, McKayla posed with one hand placed near her head in her opening snap. She returned for a similar pose with a swipe right.

A caption talked women needing “boundaries,” something McKayla admitted is something women get “better at” with age.

McKayla Maroney talks setting boundaries as a woman

The sexual abuse survivor, who continues to share her healing journey on social media, added:

“Growing up in a gym, listening to the commands of my coaches, doing whatever they told me to do despite how I felt — Made me strong, tough, resilient, and well, good at gymnastics…,” continuing: I learned how to perform under pressure, I learned how to push through pain! These are admirable qualities, but all these years of building fast twitch muscles, and mental fortitude, at the end of my gymnastics career I was left with a severely underwork muscle called ✨✨BOUNDARIES✨✨.”

Here, the gymnast noted that boundaries are a “skill.”

McKayla Maroney dishing wellness advice on lifestyle Instagram

The brunette said that politeness is also a skill, then exploring the concept further as she suggested that politeness can be thought of as a “muscle.”

“Which one is stronger in your life? Do you choose people pleasing, and politeness at your own detriment, just because you’re stronger and more comfortable in that area?” she asked fans.

The anxiety survivor also asked her followers if they feel that “setting boundaries” gives them anxiety.

She then looked backed over the boundaries she has set in the past then saying that she feels more resilient.

Elsewhere, McKayla has been making headlines for showing off her gorgeous fall style. Earlier this month, she was in the news for welcoming September while stunning fans in a sheer top and tight shorts. McKayla’s Instagram is followed by over 1 million.