Gymnast Livvy Dunne stops for a selfie in her leotard

Livvy Dunne at gymnastics
Livvy Dunne strikes a pose while at practice. Pic credit: @livvydunne/Instagram

Livvy Dunne decided to take a break during her gymnastic practice and take a selfie while training. 

She wore a long sleeve leotard that fit her body perfectly. The ensemble had a blue diamond graphic with glitter designs and ombre white to blue mesh sleeves.  

Her midsection had a silver seam covered in glitter that perfectly highlighted her tiny waist. The bottom of the leotard was dark blue and cut high along her legs, and instead of wearing sneakers or shoes, she wore baby pink socks to do her routine. 

She put her long blonde hair in a ponytail so that it wouldn’t get in her way.

The social media star kept her makeup simple and wore neutral eyeshadow and nude lipstick.   

Livvy has been doing gymnastics at Louisiana State University and has become popular in college gymnastics.  

Livvy Dunne's Instagram Story
Pic credit: @livvydunne/Instagram

Livvy Dunne stuns as the latest Vuori partner 

Being a college athlete, it’s important to have the proper athletic wear to work out and do an array of activities comfortably. Because of this, it’s no wonder Livvy was the perfect social media ambassador for the athletic clothing brand, Vuori.  

The clothing line is known for making high-quality performance wear that is perfect for an array of fitness activities. They prioritize sustainability and ethical manufacturing when creating each of their pieces.  

Livvy posted a picture on Instagram wearing the latest set from the brand’s collection. She wore a black spandex tank top and paired it with matching black leggings that included a thick waistband and contoured seams along the back of her legs.  

For a pop of color, she wore thick white socks and matching Nike sneakers. 

Instead of carrying a gym bag, she opted for a handbag and silver necklace to show fans they could wear the outfit anywhere.  

She kept her makeup simple and relied on her pink blush and nude lipstick to highlight her natural features.  

Livvy Dunne stuns in gold cowgirl boots 

November was a good month for Livvy, and the social media star was all smiles while recently posing on a balcony. She showed off her petite frame in a tiny black minidress that highlighted the gymnast’s toned legs. 

Her shoes were the star of the show, and she had gold cowgirl boots that shined perfectly in the light. 

To accessorize the outfit, she wore a cross-body handbag, a gold necklace, and a matching bracelet.  

For her hair, she wore it straight down and let it cascade off her shoulders. 

She went for a natural look with her makeup, opting out of eyeshadow and wearing pink lip gloss. 

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