Gymnast Livvy Dunne and teammate send message about fumbled bag

Livvy Dunne snaps an IG selfie in September 2022
Gymnast Livvy Dunne showed off a dance before a meet. Pic credit: @livvydunne/Instagram

Gymnast Olivia “Livvy” Dunne has quickly earned household name status on social media thanks partly to animated videos that show her style, energy, and personality.

The Vuori face also has skills on the mat that have caused her to receive accolades.

But it’s not just Livvy’s performance that’s impressive.

She has proven to be a hard worker, devoting countless hours to perfecting her craft. She has remained dedicated to her training and influencing, with amazing results.

Yesterday, Livvy and team LSU gymnastics headed to Arkansas for a meet. While in town, Livvy and her teammate decided to do what Livvy does best, film insanely popular TikTok videos.

This opportunity allowed her to combine her two strengths, gymnastics and viral videos, to create a popular social media share.

Livvy Dunne and gymnast friend dance on TikTok

Livvy and her friend looked incredibly beautiful, with sparkly leotards and glowing makeup.

The video started with Livvy holding the camera and lip-syncing. She looked gorgeous, her blonde hair straight and two braids on each side of a center part. Livvy’s makeup had as much sparkle as her blue leotard, as she had all the makings of a star. Meanwhile, Livvy’s teammate stood behind the beauty, with her dark tresses in braids that transitioned into a ponytail.

However, as the ladies rapped to Migos, some wondered if the share had a deeper meaning.

The two chose I Get The Bag by Gucci Mane featuring Migos as their background music. The premise of the song is that the rappers get the bag, which means they make a lot of money.

But Livvy’s caption suggested that someone had fumbled the bag. And since her career is booming, it seemed she was referencing someone else.

Many fans suggested she was talking about Drip King, a wealthy and popular TikTok user.

livvy comments
Pic credit: @livvy/TikTok

Whether or not the speculation was true, something suggests Livvy will be just fine as a 20-year-old who is seemingly on top of the world with a lot of endorsements under her belt.

Livvy Dunne promotes Vuori Clothing

Livvy has become the face of Vuori clothing, selling the attire to other young people.

As Livvy revealed to Forbes, Vuori was one of her first sports undergarments. The opportunity to work with the brand was just the icing on the cake.

She said, “I’m super excited about this partnership with Vuori. I can’t wait to introduce it to my audience.”

Livvy hit the ground running, striking poses around LSU and going viral while promoting Vuori.

It’s easy to forget that Livvy is only a sophomore. That means she has years of influencing and crazy earning potential ahead of her as she navigates after-college life.

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