Gymnast Livvy Dunne all smiles for parking garage poses

livvy dunne pictured up close
Livvy Dunne showed off a gorgeous pose in her own brand deal clothing as she worked angles in a parking garage. Pic credit: @livvydunne/Instagram

Livvy Dunne showed that she could serve looks anywhere as the blonde beauty struck a pose in a parking garage wearing skintight spandex.

The talented gymnast took a quick trip home, visiting New York City and her native New Jersey.

But school was still in session for Livvy, who turned 20 years old earlier this month, and she returned to her campus in Louisiana.

Livvy posted a carousel of her moneymaker on her Instagram page, where her 2.2 million followers have grown accustomed to her updates.

She revealed in the caption that the post was for Vuori Clothing, the brand she partnered with after the NIL clause changes allowed her to profit from her name and likeness.

She geotagged LSU, the school she attends, and where she recently received top honors.

Livvy Dunne poses in spandex for parking garage shoot

The first photo featured the bubbly and fit gymnast as she took a knee. She wore a black sleeveless crop top with a plunging neckline. She paired the crop top with matching black spandex, which curved her hips.

Livvy looked to the side with a smile, reaching one arm toward her head and letting the other fall by her side. She carried a stylish black purse with golden buckles and zippers. Livvy’s obliques peeked from under the shirt.

The gymnast turned around in the second shot, as she arched her back, and looked over her shoulder. 

The picture showed the tightness of Livvy’s pants while highlighting her famous figure.

Livvy paired the skintight look with white socks and white Air Force Ones, showing her ability to elevate any style.

Her caption read, “come scoop! @vuoriclothing #vuoripartner.”

Her best accessory, of course, was her infectious smile.

The post came as Livvy received big honors from LSU, where she represented the school as a gymnast on the NCAA-level team.

Livvy Dunne named LSU’s October athlete

Livvy shared in an Instagram Story that she received big honors from Louisiana State University as October 2022 Student-Athlete of the Month.

The post said her name, Olivia Dunne, and showed her as she struck a pose in purple and black spandex.

livvy dunne october athlete
Pic crredit: @livvydunne/Instagram

The photo also featured a quote from Assistant Director Taylor Dennehy.

The quote read, “Olivia has continued to impress me with her hard work and determination in her schoolwork. She has done an amazing job balancing her time commitments and I am so proud of her accomplishments.”

Congratulations, Livvy Dunne!