Gwen Stefani stuns for Vogue Czechoslovakia

Gwen Stefani stuns in her photoshoot for Vogue.
Gwen Stefani looks stunning for Vogue shoot. Pic credit: © Collin/Image Press Agency

Gwen Stefani looked absolutely gorgeous as she posed for the camera in a variety of different jaw-dropping dresses.

The 53-year-old singer and songwriter had a big announcement for her fans as she expressed she was doing a photo shoot for Vogue Czechoslovakia.

As always, Gwen looked gorgeous in every one of the photographs as she showcased her flawless appearance and her quirky, fun personality.

The singer seemed to be thoroughly enjoying herself as she incorporated some goofy poses into the mix while she smiled and laughed away in another one of the shots.

Gwen was kind enough to share the memorable moments with her fans as she uploaded the shots to her Instagram.

Her 14 million fans were surely lucky to indulge in this sweet collage of photos as Gwen looked breathtaking.

Gwen Stefani poses for Vogue Czechoslovakia

It goes without saying that Gwen was well-prepared with a variety of different poses, along with a wardrobe change for each snapshot.

In the first slide, the blonde beauty wore a mesh black dress that featured a pink and orange floral design throughout. The dress left Gwen’s arms and shoulders uncovered as the straps of the dress wrapped up around her neck.

The dress was form-fitting around her chest and torso before it flared out towards the bottom to give off a layered and ruffled look.

She then paired the dress with some matching floral pointed heels as she posed with one hand under her chin and the other behind her blonde, short hair.

In the fourth slide, the singer wore another fun and eye-catching piece. This time, Gwen rocked a multi-colored minidress that featured butterflies and circular designs throughout the whole attire.

Gwen even styled the dress with a matching mini handbag, which she held tightly in her hand.

She paired the preppy look with a pair of purple, knee-high boots, which had long purple tassels layered along them.

Gwen decided to lift her leg up for this shot which inevitably made the boot tassels shake as she accomplished the effect of a mid-motion shot.

Gwen Stefani promotes her GXVE makeup brand on the Drew Barrymore show

In another recent post, Gwen made her way to the Drew Barrymore show where she not only talked about her new GXVE makeup brand but she also gave someone a complete makeover with the high-end products.

In the second slide, Gwen and Drew were both captured in mid-motion as they applied the makeup to a fan who sat in the middle of them.

As always, Gwen looked gorgeous as she wore a short, camouflaged-colored dress and styled it with a brown and green plaid jacket. To complete the fit, she added a pair of fishnet stockings along with a pair of black and brown feathery boots.

Drew Barrymore seemed to coordinate with Gwen’s look as she wore a brownish-maroon blended suit. She styled it with a red and white undershirt and a pair of gold hoop earrings.

Fans absolutely loved seeing the two stars together as the collage of photos received over 15k likes.

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