Gwen Stefani in plunging tank goes glam for battles

Gwen Stefani looks stunning in her low-cut top
Gwen Stefani looks gorgeous in her flashy low-cut top. Pic credit: ©

Gwen Stefani looked flawless as she dolled up in her beautiful pink attire for another new episode of The Voice.

The Voice started its new season in September, and Gwen made her appearance as a judge once again.

The show just finished its blind auditions and has now moved on to the battle rounds.

Gwen made it evident that she was ready to go while she waited for the battle rounds to start.

The 53-year-old singer was kind enough to share her enthusiasm as she showcased it through a recent picture.

Gwen captured the moment by taking a selfie and later uploading it to Instagram, where she shared it with her 14.7 million followers.

Gwen Stefani dazzles in her revealing pink attire

Gwen snapped a quick selfie of herself as she let her fans know that she was ready for the battle rounds on The Voice.

The singer’s girly and glitzy aesthetic was mesmerizing as she put together yet another barbie doll-like ensemble.

Gwen wore a black low-cut top that was embellished with beautiful gems all over the front. The top also incorporated a pink strap that went over the front of her chest and around her shoulder.

Both of the singer’s arms were covered in diamond sleeves which seemed to be connected to the top as well.

She then accessorized with a chunky, black choker with a chain attached to it, giving the overall fit a punkish-barbie vibe.

Gwen’s makeup perfectly matched her outfit as she wore a dark smokey eye across her lid and paired it with a thick batwing that emphasized her long lashes.

Her cheeks were the perfect shade of pink as she touched them with some blush and finalized it with her Bubble Pop Electric in Dolled Up by her very own GXVE Beauty.

Gwen wore her bleach-blonde hair pin-straight as it fell beside her immaculate, glowing skin.

She then captioned the photo, “can u believe it’s already time for battles ?! ?? tell me who ur rooting for !! gx #TheVoice #TeamGwen.”

Gwen Stefani ages like fine wine

It goes without saying that the 53-year-old blonde bombshell is aging like fine wine as she looks close to perfect in just about every one of her pictures.

Gwen pinned one of her photoshoots with the other The Voice judges to her profile as they all waved at the camera.

The singer wore a matching leaf-printed jacket and bottoms, which complimented her complexion perfectly.

As usual, Gwen’s makeup looked stellar in the second picture as she wore long, lavish lashes and showcased her pink cheeks while the shot focused on her side profile.

The overall fit was well-executed, and Gwen awed her fans once again.

Gwen has proven time and time again that she is not only an amazing singer but a fashion icon as well.

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