Grant William Robicheaux episode of Online Dating Rituals of the American Male no longer on Bravo website

Grant Robicheaux
Grant William Robicheaux’s episode of Online Dating Rituals of the American Male is no longer on Bravo’s website. Pic credit: Bravo

The episode of reality show Online Dating Rituals of the American Male featuring alleged date rapist Dr. Grant William Robicheaux is no longer available on the Bravo website.

It comes after the 38-year-old orthopaedic surgeon was accused and arrested along with his girlfriend Cerissa Laura Riley, 31, for reportedly drugging and assaulting two of his patients. Detectives believe there could also be “hundreds” more victims.

Dr. Grant William Robicheaux — once named Orange County’s “most eligible bachelor” — starred on the Bravo show in 2014 with the goal of finding love. The premise of the show was to give viewers an inside look at dating from a male perspective, learning more about what men are thinking.

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The show, which was still available on the YouTube website at the time of writing, also had a digital angle, exploring how men approached online dating and meeting women from dating sites.

Online Dating Rituals of the American Male - Official Promo

Robicheaux starred on the show’s fifth episode out of six, an episode which has since disappeared from the network’s website.

At the start he said: “With online dating, if a girl’s not perfect to start with. Boom…you’ve got to be out.” He added: “I’m not looking for a party girl. I’m looking for a wife to raise a family with.”

The show ran during March and April of 2014. The rest of the episodes in the series still appear on the Bravo website, but the one featuring Robicheax is missing.

However, it isn’t the only thing that has disappeared. Robicheaux’s professional Facebook page has also been removed.

Robicheaux, 38, and Riley, 31, are both charged with the same crimes Both are charged with rape by use of drugs, oral copulation by anesthesia or controlled substance, assault with intent to commit sexual offense, and possession of a controlled substance for sale, according to CNN.

Grant Robicheaux and Cerissa Riley
Grant Robicheaux and Cerissa Riley’s mug shots. Pic credit: Orange County District Attorney’s office

In addition to the list of charges, Robicheaux is also being accused of firearm violations. It’s uncertain whether the firearm plays a role in the drugging and sexual assault charges the couple are facing, but Robicheaux is also accused of possessing two unregistered assault rifles, along with additional firearms of large capacity.

The pair are also accused of possessing drugs including GHB, ecstasy, cocaine and psychedelic mushrooms.

The charges come two years after two alleged victims came forward to police. Investigators believe that there may be many more victims because of footage found on Grant’s phone. Investigators discovered hundreds of clips of women, thought to be in various states of consciousness, and whom officers are now trying to trace. It’s estimated that there could be more than 1,000 videos of this nature.

‘There are several videos where there [are] women in the videos appear to be highly intoxicated beyond the ability to consent or resist and they’re barely responsive to the defendants’ sexual advances,” Orange County District Attorney Tony Rackauckas revealed during a press conference.

One of the women who came forward claims that she met Grant and Cerissa at a restaurant in Newport Beach in April 2016. She was allegedly then invited on a boat for a party where she became intoxicated. Prosecutors believe that the three ended up at Grant’s apartment, where she was given multiple drugs and then raped. She reported the alleged rape and was tested for drugs, where multiple substances were found in her system.

The story of the second victim is similar in that they reportedly met at a bar in October 2016, got drunk, and then she fell unconscious. She is said to have woken up as she was being sexually assaulted. In her statement, the victim claimed “they” were assaulting her, indicating Riley was a willing participant. Neighbors reportedly called for help after hearing her screams.

At this time, Orange County investigators are asking people to come forward if they believe they may have been a victim of Grant Robicheaux and Cerissa Riley.

Monsters and Critics has reached out to Bravo for comment.

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