Gracie Hunt shares tips for a ‘light workout’

Gracie Hunt close up
Gracie Hunt showed off her skills with a workout routine. Pic credit: @graciehunt/Instagram

Gracie Hunt is known for her many accomplishments, including in pageantry, marathon running, and as a model.

With the many duties she keeps up with, she also maintains a fit and toned physique and always stays in shape.

Gracie shared an inspiring workout video packed full of tips with her followers on Instagram — and of course, she looked terrific in the process.

The fitness queen was stunning in a sports bra that she paired with black-and-white joggers.

Gracie’s blonde locks were pulled from her face into a high ponytail, and she donned active white shoes.

The blonde beauty was incredibly trendy in her activewear, and she didn’t even break a sweat throughout her routine, proving just how hard she worked.

Gracie Hunt shares her fitness wisdom

The influencer started her caption with a bit of inspiration by writing, “Fitness is not about being better than someone. Fitness is about being better than the person you were yesterday.”

She said that now is the perfect time to concentrate on exercise routines, with the warmer summer season only a few months away.

Gracie demonstrated an exercise routine that would hit hard and enhance one’s overall strength and wellness.

She performed tricep dips, jack knives, bicycles, upper crunches, bun busters, and glute kickbacks for the camera with perfect form. She finished off the routine with some light stretching too.

She gave her fans some wise tips near the end of her caption, including, “Control & form over speed.” She also advised, “Work on the mind-muscle connection so you will get more out of your workouts.”

The 2021 Miss Kansas USA had a blast sharing her routine, as was evident as she danced happily before and after the exercises.

Her 354,000 Instagram followers likely appreciated the post, as it was flooded with likes and comments.

Gracie Hunt posts for National Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month

Gracie has great looks and amazing fitness tips, but what really shines about the star is her inner kindness and love for others.

The ambassador to the Special Olympics posted a heartwarming series of photos to inform her followers about National Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month.

She included in her caption, “Love people for who they are instead of judging them for what they’re not.”

She explained that March is the observed month to bring awareness to the necessity of including people with developmental disabilities. She said how important the cause is because 15 percent of people in the world have a disability.

She continued, “Find out why acceptance is a fundamental element of D.D.A.M. and what you can do to support this initiative.”

The world is certainly lucky to have stars like Gracie that use their platform to promote inclusion, acceptance, love, and kindness.

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