Gracie Dzienny shares red hot open-shirt throwback pic

Gracie Dzienny selfie
Netflix actress Gracie Dzienny shared a red hot throwback pic. Pic credit: @iamgraciedzienny/Instagram

First Kill star Gracie Dzienny shared a throwback photo last week that offered some strong Elinor Fairmont vibes, even if the shot was from a year ago.

The 26-year-old actress shared the pictures with her 144,000+ Instagram followers via her Instagram Stories and tagged the image June 22, 2021.

Though it was posted on Wednesday, it made the perfect entrance for the Throwback Thursday trend.

Gracie Dzienny opens shirt in throwback pic

The blonde stunner posed in front of a mirror in her selfie as her phone largely blocked her face. Viewers could see her blonde locks as they fell on either side of her face and rested on her shoulders.

She sported a red-violet sweater set featuring a button-up cardigan and tiny matching shorts. Beneath the open cardigan, fans could see a matching bralette seemingly placed over a lacy white lingerie bra.

Her nails were done to match the set as she bared her skin for viewers but she opted to let the look speak for itself, foregoing any caption.

Gracie Dzienny's mirror selfie from her Instagram Story
Pic credit: @iamgraciedzienny/Instagram

The look seemed to fit her character Elinor Fairmont’s fashion taste as a “wicked” legacy vampire in First Kill, though it seems that Gracie thoroughly enjoyed the role.

Gracie Dzienny opens up about her role as Elinor in First Kill

Speaking with TV Fanatic, Gracie revealed that playing a vampire “was so fun.”

She opened up about Elinor’s character, noting, “Elinor is so unapologetically driven, and she is so confident and sure of herself. So I think I was just so excited to play Elinor.”

She added that it was fun to play a vampire because she “grew up in the Twilight era” and “was always obsessed with Edward,” adding, “the idea of living in the Twilight world was pretty exciting.”

However, Gracie largely enjoyed watching a lot of femme fatale shows, which seems to have played into her role as Elinor.

She said, “I watched a lot of Sharon Stone, and a lot of really powerful, confident women to get my inner Elinor. She’s a little wicked. She’s a little wicked, Elinor. She is, but I love her so much. It’s so bad. I’ve been seeing these posts online and everyone’s like, ‘I support women’s rights, but I also support Elinor’s wrongs.’”

She did admit that it wasn’t all bad and she tried to make Elinor likable as she is a “fun” character. She added that she just sees Elinor as “driven and confident” and “a really good sister” rather than focusing on the negative traits of her character.

First Kill is now streaming on Netflix.

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