Grace Charis shares incredible swing compilation

Grace Charis on TikTok
Grace Charis is stunning with her golf skills and incredible good looks. Pic credit: @graceeecharisss/TikTok

Golf influencer Grace Charis is at it again with her stunning good looks and impressive golf skills.

The stunning athlete frequently jokes about not being athletic, though we know that being good at golf still takes a lot of skill.

Like other golfers, Grace often shares her skills on YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok. Though she may not always be a golfer in the traditional sense, her good looks and abilities have gained a lot of online attention.

In a recent online share, Grace shared a video compilation as she chipped the ball, used a driver, and used the putter.

Although not every hit was a win (those pesky close-range puts can really dampen anyone’s spirits), it’s clear that she knows what she’s doing on a golf course.

Over the video, Grace put a soundbite about golfing that said, “Golf, golf, golf, golf, more, more, learning how to chip, learning how to hit the drive, learning how to put, ugh, I want more!”

Keeping up with the fun energy, she captioned her share, “Ugh! I want more!”

Grace Charis supports the ultimate golf brand

They may not have an official partnership, but it’s clear from Grace’s videos that she’s a massive fan of the No. 1 golf brand in the US, Titleist.

The stunning athlete almost always wears a Titleist visor when she hits the course, using the famous brand to keep the sun out of her eyes.

Titleist has been a trusted golf brand since 1935, when they created their first ever golf ball, and the rest really is history.

Now, Titleist isn’t only focused on balls as they also sell clubs, golf bags, headwear, gloves, winter and travel gear, and other accessories.

Their adjustable visors retail for $35 and come in a variety of colors, all incredibly stylish.

Grace Charis celebrates 1 million followers on Instagram

Grace has significantly grown her career online as she appears to be almost exclusively social media-based.

This past weekend, she shared a celebratory post for hitting 1 million followers on Instagram and even popped a bottle of bubbly on the course to celebrate the huge accomplishment.

She left the caption short and sweet, simply noting her 1 million IG followers and adding a few celebratory emojis. Her dedicated followers left over 75,000 likes on the post as they celebrated with the golfer in spirit.

A Titleist visor was visible once again, and it’s a good thing they’re somewhat resistant to sweat and odor because it looks like that fizzing champagne was a bit messy.

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