Grace Charis says ‘golf was meant to be’ in funny video share

Grace Charis close up
Grace Charis stuns in hilarious video. Pic credit: @GraceCharisxo/YouTube

Grace Charis is a blonde beauty on the green, but she also has a charming personality with killer wit — and the videos to prove it.

The professional golfer posted a hilarious video that showed her smiling sweetly toward the camera with the text reading, “Girl who doesn’t play any sports.”

But the story of the video would drastically change in mere seconds.

Grace’s eyes shifted as though she spotted something off-screen, and then the camera switched up to show a golf club.

The golf club turned to “look” at her and shook in her direction as the music played Hey Sexy Lady by Shaggy.

It’s clear that the golf life chose Grace and not the other way around. The influencer accurately captioned her video, “Golf was. Meant to be 😌.”

Grace was breathtaking in a sky-blue crop top that hugged her torso perfectly and featured a plunging neckline and long sleeves. She paired the top with a high-waisted and flowing white miniskirt.

The athlete let her blonde locks loose, and the curls tumbled in a perfect waterfall from her middle part and over her shoulders.

Her makeup was pretty, with pink lips, rosy cheeks, and dark lashes that complemented her shiny blue eyes.

Grace regularly tags Golf Girls Only for a chance to be featured on the golfing Instagram page. It’s a great way to promote her image to those interested in social media personalities like Grace’s and to grow her following.

The content creator’s efforts have paid off, as she has been featured on the page a couple of times now.

Some of the other golf stars that have been featured on the page include Claire Hogle, Hailey Rae Ostrom, and Lucy Robson,

Grace looked absolutely stunning in one of the images of her featured on the golfing page. She rocked a dark purple crop top with a collared neck and a plunging neckline.

She paired her top with a black miniskirt and a vizor that sat over her gorgeous blonde curls.

Grace Charis strikes a pose after a killer shot

Grace has achieved her social media star status through her incredible golfing skills, and she often shows off her abilities with golfing videos.

The online personality completed an amazing stroke that sent her long locks twirling around her head from the motion. She then bent one knee with her foot in the air behind her and raised one arm up for a winning pose.

She flashed her charming smile that would surely melt any fan’s heart.

Of course, she looked incredible in a tight-fitting orange crop top with a plunging neckline and a black miniskirt.

The superstar video earned over 50,000 likes.

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