Grace Boor stuns in sea-shells on trip to Cayman Islands

Grace Boor
Grace Boor channeled mermaid vibes in her latest beach photo. Pic credit: @graceboor/Instagram

Model Grace Boor channels mermaid vibes in her latest Instagram post — as she dazzles in a sea-shell-clad bikini on an idyllic beach.

The post features a breathtaking photo of her sitting on a deck chair with sand stretching behind her, as she finds some shade from the midday sun.

With the crystal-clear turquoise sea as a backdrop, Grace looks like she is living her best life as she stares off into the distance in the tropical paradise of the Cayman Islands.

Boor’s 1.6 million followers showered the model with positive comments over her ocean-inspired look, with many describing her as “breathtaking” and a “dream”.

Fellow model KT Lordahl posting four heart-eye emojis in the comments section.

Referring to her bikini, which featured clam shells and cowries, Florence Mueller, who also works as a model, wrote simply, “A mermaid 🧜‍♀️😍”.

Pic credit: @graceboor/Instagram

Grace enjoys time in Cayman Islands

Grace has been posting pictures of her in the Cayman Islands for several weeks now, after spending time in both Florida and California beforehand.

While in the Caribbean, she has posted regular updates for fans showing off her beach style and giving a glimpse of the resort she’s been staying in and what she’s been up to.

Grace Boor makes money living the good life

While many of us spend our days dreaming of a life of lounging on beaches and taking selfies, Grace is making bank through her online presence by turning her stunning looks into a lucrative business.

From exotic vacations to designer swimwear, Grace’s lifestyle makes us all want to take a leaf out of her book — and fans seem to be willing to go the extra mile to support her.

Through collaborations, an Amazon Wishlist, and other online endeavors like a tip page, Grace’s online empire is growing fast.

The model uses her Instagram to promote brands, with her stunning photos helping to drive sales for companies like Fashion Nova — one of the companies she has collaborated with.

Her nearly 2 million followers make her an influencer to be reckoned with.

Grace has also found ways to make a profit from her fans’ generosity, including through an Amazon Wishlist, where followers can buy her things she wants, from skincare products to fashion accessories.

She also has a tip page where fans can send her money to show their support, and she provides exclusive paid-for content to subscribers who sign up through her website.

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