Grace Boor hit the beach to say ‘it hurt when I fell’

Grace Boor car selfie IG March 2021
Grace looks relaxed and refreshed for a car selfie. Pic credit: @graceboor/Instagram

Fashion model and social media sensation Grace Boor knows how to captivate an audience, even if that means using a cliched pickup line.

Grace can typically be found in a bikini on social media, and her millions of followers certainly aren’t complaining.

The Indiana native’s recent share on Instagram was no exception, and she wowed her fans with a stunning beachfront shot.

For the IG photo, Grace posed along a boardwalk with a gorgeous view of the sun, sand, blue water, and clear skies behind her.

Clad in a white string bikini and unbuttoned denim shorts, Grace’s look was simple yet sultry.

Grace placed both arms on the wooden railing behind her, making a slight close-mouthed smile with her mouth. Her makeup was natural-looking, with wispy lashes and hints of pink on her cheeks and lips.

The 19-year-old stunner wore her long brunette locks down in a center part and accessorized with a gold chain by Jaxxon, whom she tagged in the photo. Her acrylics were fashioned in a classic French manicure, and her skin was glowing in the bright sun.

Grace mimicked the pickup line, “Did it hurt when you fell from Heaven?” in her caption, which implies that a potential suitor is an angel.

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Grace Boor’s fans can’t get enough of her ‘angelic’ bikini photos

Playing off the familiar pickup line, Grace captioned her post, “Yes , it hurt when I fell ??.”

Many of Grace’s 1.6 million Instagram followers flocked to the comments to show their appreciation for the post.

“Queen of this or any beach. No competition….” gushed one of Grace’s admirers.

grace boor's instagram followers comment on her bikini post
Grace’s followers gushed over her post. Pic credit: @graceboor/Instagram

Referencing the pickup line in her caption, another one of Grace’s fans commented, “Wow ??❤️ n it hurt me to ?.”

Grace has partnered with Fashion Nova, Guess, and Jaxxon

Grace’s classic good looks and incredible bikini body have earned her lucrative business deals as an influencer. It only makes sense that she would collaborate with brands like Fashion Nova and Guess to model their bikinis.

She often plugs Jaxxon in her Instagram shares too. Jaxxon touts its brand, which is ethically sourced in northern Italy, as an “ambitious group of go-getters who strive to develop and showcase the best version of themselves and others.”

Not only does Grace endorse her favorite brands on Instagram, but she also shares some of her beauty tips with her fans via her SnipFeed.

Grace shares her favorite beauty products from Amazon

To keep her body and complexion in tip-top shape, Grace shares some of her favorite products with her fans on her Amazon storefront.

Among Grace’s go-to items is a waist trainer belt to help keep her midsection taut and toned and a cellulite massager to reduce unwanted body fat and smooth her skin.

Grace also promotes Dr. Tobias’ colon cleanse tablets, which claim to remove build-up in the gut and clear toxins and waste from the body, and she swears by Paula’s Choice Intensive Wrinkle-Repair Retinol Serum for glowing skin.

On her YouTube channel, @GraceBoor, where she hails 24,600 subscribers, the dark-haired beauty shares plenty of bikini try-on hauls, showcasing the results from using her favorite Amazon products.

She even shared a taste test, sampling some of the exotic foods sent to her from Bussin Snacks, and delivered rave reviews of the brand.

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