Gordon Ramsay’s daughter Holly in spandex bra and open jacket is a ‘Sundays’ mood

Holly Ramsay poses for a pic.
Holly Ramsay showed off flat abs while wearing an open jacket and a sports bra. Pic credit: @hollyramsayy/Instagram

Gordon Ramsay’s daughter Holly seemed to be enjoying a sweat session over the weekend as she shared her mood with her followers.

Taking to her Instagram page for her third post in less than five days, Holly, 22, rocked a sporty look as she showed off some seriously flat abs.

Holly kicked things off in her two-part post with a look at what her exercise gear might be, wearing a spandex bra with the Calvin Klein brand running along the elastic strap that hugged her ribcage.

Spandex pants gave her upper legs an extra boost of contouring as she tilted one hand behind her head and pushed the other against her hip for a little posing fun.

Holly left her blonde locks down in both snaps, giving just a slightly different pose in pic number two while mostly keeping her look the same as in the first, save for moving her hand higher up on her head for a Marilyn Monroe effect.

“Sundays,” she simply captioned the shots.

Her lower chest cherub tattoo was visible under the bra’s band, and a delicate necklace hung at her throat.

While Holly appears to be enjoying some happier times these days, having previously tantalized fans with a red slip dress post earlier in the summer, the podcaster and daughter of one of the world’s most famous chefs has gone through rough times in her young life.

Holly Ramsay opens up about sobriety

Though hardly into her adult years, Holly has already dealt with significant addiction struggles.

Holly opened up with her followers on Instagram last year, sharing with them that she was proud to be one year sober.

“This time last year I was at my lowest and I was scared but I made a decision to take control of what I could — and that meant removing alcohol from my life,” she said in a lengthy post.

“Living without alcohol has helped me feel better & more present both mentally and physically,” she revealed to her fans, also saying that she had to learn the “hard way” that taking antidepressants and consuming alcohol are two substances that “do not mix.”

Aside from overcoming her dependency on alcohol, Holly also has revealed that she suffered from post-traumatic stress following being sexually assaulted.

Holly Ramsay discusses past assaults

Taking to her successful podcast platform 21 & Over, Holly got candid with her listeners about her past traumas, telling them that sexual assaults left her reeling and needing professional help.

“My mental health journey probably began when I was in secondary school. I remember having prolonged feelings of being quite sad and generally feeling quite empty as if I was just going through it day by day and not feeling much joy,” Holly said as she divulged that she was attacked twice at age 18.

After spiraling downward into depression and with her devotion to her University classes waning, Holly checked herself into the psychiatric hospital Nightingale in London as an In-Patient, where she then stayed for three months.

Holly now works hard to keep conversations surrounding mental health open as she continues to work to provide her followers with her own personal knowledge surrounding the importance of seeking help.

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