Gordon Ramsay shows how to master 5 basic cooking skills

Gordon Ramsay
Gordon Ramsay’s new video shows how to master basic skills including cooking rice and chopping an onion

Gordon Ramsay has released a new video showing how to master five basic cooking skills – and it’s a really useful insight.

Cooking is one of those things that when you know the basics it really opens up the options for you, as you can then use those foundations to build on and start experimenting with more complex dishes.

The five basics are how to chop an onion, cooking rice, how to sharpen a knife, how to de-bone a fish, and how to cook the perfect pasta.

They may seem like pretty straight-forward things, but knowing how to do them correctly can save you loads of time and really help with your cooking.

For example, have you ever tried to chop an onion and ended up with bits of all different sizes? Gordon shows you how to easily and properly cut an onion in a way that you end up with lots of nice, neat, uniform pieces to add to your dishes.

One of the hardest things to master for any budding cook is rice – that’s why there’s such a huge market for pre-cooked varieties that you can just heat in the microwave.

But being able to cook rice properly is a fundamental basic skill of cooking. Gordon shows you how to make beautiful fluffy rice with very little effort – and without ending up with a horrible stodgy mess.

Watch the video below to see all his tips and tricks. It’ll only take eight minutes of your time, but will save you hours in the kitchen trying to get these basic skills right.

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